Angry tales.


Anger is one thing which is not new to anyone, everyone of us get angry sometime or the other. Its just how we react during the anger, which varies from person to person. Someone once asked me do you ever get angry? and my answer was yes and very easily. I don’t have issues with anger or anything like Adam Sandler in some movie, but I do get angry easily. In fact I have to admit it has come down a lot in recent times.

Over the years I have observed two kinds of reactions to anger.
First kind of People react to anger openly, they show their frustrations and are mostly vocal about it, their rants are never held back and even if it is not to the face of person who is the cause for anger, they vent out their problems to other people.
The other kind is more introverted, and they never get the frustration out, they keep anger to themselves, and do not take any action. Instead they end up holding back the anger and suffering deeper.

I really don’t know which one is better, in a way the first option seems better, that way you dont carry any baggage with you. It helps you clear your mind and get over the problem once and for all. Sometimes the later one seems better, this way you wont end up doing something in haste, nor have to face consequence for your actions. You may end up even surprising the opposition and that can work wonders to you.

I belong to the later category, the painful inner ranter kind.

Long time back I had a conversation with one of my friends, He knew me from long time and also easily could make out what made me angry. This one day both of us were angry and he was telling me how bad he felt about the deed that made us angry. I was behaving as though I was not angry and cribbing in the back of my mind. According to my friend, both of us were in the same boat, it was just that I was not being vocal about it.

Just the other day, I was angry, angry at a remark made about my working style. I was furious, because of the some reason. I guess we need to be a little careful when we comment on some one else, you never know the state of mind nor the other persons reason for taking a particular stand. As always its always better not to comment about how there is one correct style and the rest bad.

Anyways more than the anger, it was my reaction that surprised me, this time I was very vocal, I did not hold back my anger any longer. All it took was one angry statement from me, and I went quiet, not quiet with anger, it was my reaction.

The incident holds one significance to me though, I moved from the later kind to the former kind. Atleast this one time.

Which kind are you?


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  1. I am someone who keeps it in. My blog contains many rants, but the people they’re about never see it. I don’t talk when I’m angry.

    My blog is my only outlet, really.

  2. I’m in between. When I am alone I’m free to let out my emotions, however when I’m away from home I often bury anger…but certain things just make me snap and I will give whoever has pissed me off a good verbal lashing. When I do that, people are shocked because generally I’m a very quiet person. I don’t like confrontation, etc. But at the same time, I REALLY don’t like people stepping on me. And I’m not one to back down from making sure they know that.

  3. @Liane,
    I have been there before, its not easy though…

    I don’t like confrontation either. specially when It comes to people I don’t care or things that does not matter to me, but some times, getting stepped on has such a bad feeling, I end up lashing out, Personally I don’t like myself lashing out, its more like my defeat in war against my self control

  4. Hey Rambler,
    I grew up keeping it inside of me as I am an introvert. My wife lets it out and.. on me! I, however, have changed a bit as I pretty much don’t get angry anymore adapting a “thats life” attitude. So, as my wife asks me do I ever get angry, I answer, usually not. On the other hand, some things do “bother” me which is different. I know some people that upset and angry at the littlest things and that has always amazed me. I believe, Anger, whether you keep it in or let it out is not good for your health. I also believe it is better to let it out than to keep it in but there are different ways to let it out. Throwing fits and tantrums can make the matter worse for you and others. It can also kill relationships. To me, life is too short to get mad…at most things. And, I am working at letting it out more on those occasions when I do get upset. Mostly, I try to talk it out which is a 180 from when I was younger and used to throw and break things when I was younger. I changed one day when I had a fit and did something to some one I love very much-my sister. Since then, I’ve had that “thats life” attitude.

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