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I am not sure why, but I have always found this topic a taboo. More than a taboo, its more like jinxed or a topic which should not be discussed.

When I started writing this blog, this was mere vent to that side of me which was not meant to be seen by other people. It was just a way of letting out all the hidden feelings. After a couple of months I realized how much I had to say. More than that, a comment here and there, by the people I knew, kind of stimulated the thought process. This exposed the advantages of having readers, more importantly knowledgeable and vocal readers.

I have been posting about how good discussions are for learning and information sharing. More than the knowledge its the perspective people can bring into you, people from various countries, various parts of your country, even various people you know personally. They can trigger amazing thoughts.

In last few months of my experience in blogs-o-sphere, I have had many kinds of readers, readers who do not want to comment nor let me know that they do follow my blog, people who visit the blog by accident, stumbling across this one from google while searching for something, few people who visit the blog once give out a nice comment and never return back, people who visit and comment very often for a period and never come back, People who regularly follow the blog but comment once in a while, so many kinds. Again it boils down to the personal choice.

Coming back to the dilemma, whats the correct way to go. Is it correct for you to expect a reader community who follow and discuss what you write?. does it really not matter who reads , its just that you need to write what you feel like?, Do the blogs need to be a one way written communication? Do they need to be a two way exchange of ideas and thoughts?. Wish I could know the answer.


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  1. Hmm…at first I think I wrote for myself. Then I had my first regular commenter, and now I have several people that comment on a fairly regular basis. Others just drop by sometimes.

    I still mostly write for myself, but at the same time I write in such a style that would make my writing readable to someone else. Does that make sense?

    I write what I feel like, but I make it interesting. Chances are, though, the people who have read my blog longer understand my posts more.

  2. Well, I don’t think you should ever “expect” someone to do something. Personally, I think it’s nice when people comment on my blog because it makes me realize that I’m not just talking to myself. Not that I mind that either, but audience participation is nice sometimes.

  3. It took me a long time to gain any readers. Once in awhile someone would stop by and comment but as a whole, I didn’t have much of an audience and I rarely wrote. After awhile I did start getting people who would stop by regularly and comment and I found that I’d write more often…however, it was my choice. I was finally starting to get into the whole writing thing.

    Now I write all the time. I also have a fair amount of people that stop by but I really don’t think they influence what I talk about, though, I do think they influence how often I write. I like having something new for people to read everyday.

    Do you think I’ll stop writing if and when my audience starts to disappear? That I don’t know. I guess only time will tell. I hope not though, writing is something that I love and I’d hate getting discouraged enough to quit after I’ve finally worked up the courage to really work on it and show people.

  4. a two-way discussion of ideas is always great.

    as for the previous question, only one of the ways will ensure that you keep writing. and thats if you stop thinking about what others want out of you.

  5. @Liane
    Yes it makes sense, I don’t think I had that much of an issue when it comes to what I write, it has always been what I feel like, and I dont think I have changed my writing style too, Hope what I write makes sense to you all… 🙂

    You are so much right, when people comment it makes me realize I am not as much stupid and wierd as I think I am. Well it kind of gives the feeling of togetherness during the pursuit

    Thats a good quality to have, not getting influenced but still open to what the others think.
    Well I don’t think I would stop either, its tough to find something you like so much, writing has been one such thing. I hope lack of audience if it happens, does not affect my zeal to write.

    yes I love the ideas, which ever way they come.
    I think you are right, I need to stop thinking about what others want out of me.
    Thanks for stopping by…

  6. i write because i’ve been writing since i was a kid. not professional or anything, it’s just one of the strange things that i enjoy doing.

    maybe also because i have a very very difficult time explaining myself when i speak. it’s easier when it’s written down.

    as for readers, im happy if i have even 1.

  7. Your experience so far is very similar to many others. They start for themselves, then develop “relationship” to their readers. Almost creating “content” for their readers but in a much less deviant way than it sounds.
    Somehow down the line, you begin to try to maintain those relationships while moving back to your original goal.

    there’s a balance there and you will find it; if anyone can its you.

    The pic is working now, I think?

  8. @jos
    Like the feel of confidence in your writing. Thanks

    Took a while to get you talking :),
    I think I skipped the middle part and am on my way back from where I started.

  9. Me too had started sluggishly with my blogs.. not much of an audience.. but now it seems to have picked up but not many leave comments tho.

    Neither do I write a lot.. But anyway. we write so others can read.. if not i would have just written it in my diary 🙂

    It is still better if there is a 2 way communication…

  10. I think if you start to think about the readers, you tend to mould ur writing to suit the readers. I did not want that, which is why I stopped writing now 🙂

  11. @vijay,
    I thought you used to comment regularly sometime back,

    I do think about readers when I write, I make sure I dont offend anyone, but I have never chosen topic or changed my opinion to suit the readers.Well I dont think you would have either :), so why stop writing

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