Pursuit of happiness


When I started my walk,

My legs were weak,
And my balance was non existent,
It was just the grasp, grasp around the finger that lead me on…
Rather dragged me along,
Destination was unheard off, and the aim not even known.
Somewhere along the walk, not sure when,

Walk became a jog, then a run and out of my sight, it became a sprint,
This time around, sprint was towards a destination,
Who made “that”, my destination, who cared right?
This sprint was not alone, I had people with me,
People for me, around me and against me,
All running towards the destination,
Can we call it something which was shown to be a “destination”.
Everybody knew it was a long run home,
Home to whom was not the question,
I ran along, sprinted across, passing through pathway after an another,
It was not that it lacked spectators, or rather I thought spectators they were,
I left them behind, and never felt their absence,

They were mere mile stones, along the jumbo run.

People, who were they?…
Sprinting over the years, never feeling tired,

This is what I was thought to do..
I never thought, what I ought to do,

Thinking can slow you down, and slowness the weakness,
Voices screaming at me, showing me the “right”
This time I needed to be strong, just to hold on,

Along the run, crossroads became common,
With paths to chose, and decisions to make,
Decisions are not easy, not when you don’t know what you want,
Destinations well known or that illusionary Arc,
This time I settled, settled with what I chose,
I wanted it, to lead me to something,
Something not so rare, but not common too,
I want to chose the path, that brings me a smile,
Smile not just when I reach home, but all along the way,
Smile to all the people, who no longer will be spectators,
Or rather who never were spectators,
Guess they waited around, to watch me turn around,

To watch me slow down,
Join them in their pursuit,
Chug along mine too,
All that matters is Happiness,
And of course it’s “pursuit”.


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