The Grey Debate.


Thoughts are strange, they can originate in extremely inhospitable states of mind and body, when you have no way of documenting them, or even remembering till later to document them, this post is based on one such thought which I had long time back, and kept on lurking in mind now and then but never manifested into a post.

Over the years we all have experienced both good and bad in life, growing up its very natural to follow our parents, follow their ideologies and their sense of good and bad. All over the world, parents teach their kids to follow and do right things. Apart from parents, the society forces few idols upon the people, who invariably are the so called “Right” people, who have always fought for right, sacrificed for right and have made sure right wins. Even all the fables, stories and even holy books give us several instances of the “Right” winning and kind of gives us an insight as to why we ought to the right.

How much of this is reality, Do we always end up on the “White” side?, Do we never have bad side to us at all?, Does having a bad side take away all the good things you have done?, Is their something like an acceptable mixture?.

I strongly believe that there can be no white/black, there is only grey. Every one among us would have a slight black side in us, only few admit it in open, a few admit that to themselves, few never find courage to admit that. Give me any thing thats considered bad in the world, I can point out the good aspect in it, similarly anything thats good, I can point out the bad aspect.

Lets consider one of the most common feeling, “jealousy”, I am sure all of us have felt this one time or other, so do we consider this as good or bad?, I would not prefer to say good or bad, I can just say that its natural. Instead of trying to categorize that, we can as well accept the fact that we are going to face it, and there are times when you end up overcoming it by taking right steps and conquering whats causing it. So in a way you did lose your battle to jealousy. So does that make you bad?. No?. Well isn’t jealousy considered bad?, are you not bad in succumbing to that?. Now look at the outcome, you got that elusive job what you envied your friend for having, in a way it helped you in getting what you wanted, so was jealousy really bad after all?

Sometimes, the society is guilty of over simplifies things, guilty of drawing thick lines, guilty of too much idealisms. I think one of the main concerns of society should be making people comfortable, comfortable with their problems, and not make them feel like a outcast, not instill a sense of guilt in people, make people more tolerable towards the lacking. More than all this, provide the strength to accept your own short comings.

Is being or accepting your grey side, violating the society? is that showing a wrong example to the young generation?. I don’t think so. I feel anybody who is old enough to differentiate between good and bad, is capable of understanding the presence of a mixture, what they need to be told is to work towards the right or white. At the same time they should be told to accept the grey side in themselves and in others. They need to be told how they can convert the darker areas of their personalities towards the white.


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  1. Too much 😀

    But true.. I guess our upbringing tries to classify things as black or white and refuses to accept shades of grey…

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