Sensitivity and Gender


Sensitivity is one of the topics, which everyone talks about, and very few actually know what it is about. Women are considered to be more sensitive, more than consideration they are expected to be more sensitive. Men on the other hand are considered to be less sensitive, or expected to be more thick skinned than their counterparts.

I was wondering how we consider the sensitiveness of the opposite gender, we have always men complaining about the simple things in life what women seem to identify and bring out. It can be the cleanliness, or the relationship behaviour, or as simple as dressing sense. On the contrary we have seen women complain of the insensitiveness of men, when they forget eventful dates, not care about what others think, not share much of the emotions and never want to lose an argument.

Personally I never thought if I was sensitive enough, but I did notice I was able to pick up when people are vulnerable, or if they were extra sensitive kind. I always thought I was a little too much involved or cared about what I do. It never struck me about various levels of sensitiveness. Recently was watching this program on discovery on this subject. It was all about men and over sensitiveness. I was surprised that I matched some of the features they mentioned and did some study on the google.

According to psychologist Elaine Aron, PhD,highly sensitive means people who are affected by and react stronger than most people to various stimuli. Individuals who are highly sensitive have nervous systems that are more easily aroused. They are more acutely attuned to themselves, others, and their environments, and consequently they are more easily overwhelmed. Interesting right ?? you can read more about what it means here

It seemed more like a taboo for men to be sensitive, or thats what seem to be the common opinion. I was sure many people would have done research on over sensitive men, so I went ahead and did some more googling to find about over sensitive men.

Peter on his page takes about Highly sensitive person and tells us
used to bother me a great deal that I seemed, somehow, “different” from the rest of the world. As a boy and a young man, I had a slight “softness” in demeanor, and my approach to life. It wasn’t that I was being “effeminate” in any way, it was more a case of my being less aggressive and boisterous than my peers; of wanting to save the frog in the creek, rather than squash it; of wanting to work with my friends, rather than against them”
You can read the rest of the post here

I am not so sure If I qualify as highly sensitive person, I am not telling this because I don’t want to be known as one such, I am just saying because I don’t know If I am.
Finding about high sensitiveness made me want to look at the other extreme too, can people be very insensitive, and does it also depend on gender. Unfortunately didn’t find much about this subject. I guess nobody wanted to discuss about insensitiveness being common. I could find few things about how we need to deal with insensitive people thats all.

Anyways even after the information gathering, I don’t think I got my questions answered.
Am I more sensitive?
Are men not supposed to me more sensitive and emotional?, what do men think about this? and what do women think about this?
Are women always sensitive?

For both the genders, I feel they need not, and some are not.
And yes I do feel sometimes I am more sensitive than others given that situation. [both genders included].


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  1. I know that I’m sensitive. I get easily affected by things that happen around me, even if they aren’t related to me in any way. I tend to know what’s going on with people, I know when they are having a bad time or whatever even if I don’t talk to them. And I def. feel myself overwhelmed by things that probably don’t affect other people much.

    At times, being sensitive can be a curse…as with the sensitivity I am very emotional and I don’t smother those emotions very well so people around me can pick up on how I’m feeling.

    But at the same time, I like having that sensitivity as I think it helps me relate to people well and understand stuff they are going through, even when I’ve never been in that position myself. Will come in handy when I start my studies towards counseling.

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