I make of it.


“The sunrise is reality, the painting is what we make of it” ..
says Richard Bach in his book “One”. I have not been impressed by any other author this much in my life. All thanks to my friend who introduced to his writing through “Bridge across forever”.
As usual his books leaves me thinking for hours together, before I write what I made of this statement, let me first talk about the context in the book. Two people are made to see sunrise on a beach and asked to paint the sunrise, and when they compare their versions of sunrise they are surprised to see two versions of sunrise. That’s when they realize an artist never creates a sunrise he always creates a painting.

Now let me get at my thoughts on the same…

This is something which we can extend to so many things in life. To begin with life itself, we see so many people around us, their life, their struggle, we learn from their mistakes, we feel sad in their sorrow, and happy for their success. Its not just me who is seeing the world live, its world which is seeing the world live, but still we take back only what we make of it. Its the same sunrise everyone sees everyday, its the same 24 hours of day every person gets, the only difference is what we make of it. If the time is reality, what we make of them is our painting or what we can call a “lifetime”. Its my painting of the sunrise we see.
“Time is the reality, lifetime is what we make of it”

Even though lifetime is some thing individual and personal, it always coexists, coexists with lot of other people’s lifetime. A lifetime of thousand of people spent together makes them dependent, each lifetime influencing the other. To keep this inter dependence healthy, some wise people thought of coming up with society. Society provides with [supposed to provide] guidelines for a person’s lifetime. With the help of society he lays down his own set of principles which he sticks to, thus giving himself a character. That’s yet again my painting of the society we live in.
“Society is the reality, character is what we make of it”

Coming back to Richard Bach, this is how he concludes.
Reality has nothing to do with appearances, with out narrow way of seeing.


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