"You are disgusting !"


I have started to see you very often nowadays, some years back I wouldn’t even have cared your presence or even the troubles given by you, but now you are my responsibility and you disgust me. I am sure that its not just me, lots of others in this world have had problems with you.

Why do you do this, are you not supposed to get away on your own like all your fellows?, why do just a group of you stay back?. You would be a lot more easier without your cousins, the slurry ones, but you love them, don’t you?. I can’t make out which one is stronger, your love for them, or the happiness you find in troubling me. I thought I got rid of you a fortnight back, I had to spend at least an hour of my Saturday alone to get rid of you, and not even 15 days and you are back again.

You know I do try to co exist, I do try not to get annoyed by you, I do try not to look at you, I do try not to bother. You are a tough cookie, you would not settle without troubling me. You always block the exit, even for a dirty guy like me, you make it impossible to coexist. You do win all the time, I have to spend time with you often.

The worst part of you is, you cant be easily sent out, don’t underestimate me, I am fully prepared, I do have all the tools to remove you completely. Just the look at you and the tools before and after the act, disgusts me. Taking care of tools later is a even bigger mess.

Yes you heard me right, its you, you dirty blob of hair, why do you clog my shower drains?
I hate you,
I hate you
And I hate you.


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