Lets talk about home and family


I am currently reading a book called Running from safety written by Richard Bach, have to admit being a big Richard fan, this book has not impressed me much, well compared to other books of his, at least not yet. I am into the book by about 100 pages, and today came across a gem of a thought.

Richard says “As a kid, if anybody asks me to point the way home, I would have pointed up“, he says “He didn’t know till long ago why“. Then he continues. “I couldn’t point inside, a tight space cluttered with body parts, barely room to breathe. Couldn’t point left or right. those direction s took me nowhere but a different here“.

I have to admit, I didn’t get what he really meant here, why was he talking about a far away home, I began to wonder is he talking about the principle which talks about, Earth being a temporary home, we being here just to do our job, the actual home being place near the god. I thought it looked way to irrational or idealistic for him to think like that. If not this, I began to wonder what does he mean.

I finally settled for this interpretation of mine, I guess all of us never really understand where’s the place where we feel like home, “home” here is that illusionary place, where we feel at ease with ourselves, we let our mind expand and travel to any place it wants, without any restrictions and rules. The fact that he had never found such a place “here”, he points upwards, that signifies his hope that it really exists, its just that he needs a map or a path which leads him there.

Next gem in the book I came across today was to do with the definition of family. His wife Leslie complains to him “I really have felt like an outsider all my life, I don’t think like others do, where I grew up, I don’t think like my mom or dad or any other member in the family“. To that Richard replies “You do think the same as your family, Only your family isn’t who you thought they were

I was really impressed with this last line, I have been complaining of not finding people who really think like me, or who can really appreciate the ideals which I have, or more importantly have ideas which I can appreciate. Its so true, we always do search for our families, siblings, father, mother and most importantly our partners, we do search family in every person we meet. Just hoping we can find that ideal set of people we always dreamed off.

Very few of us are fortunate enough to find a partner who can be a part of our “family”, some times people find them after few unsuccessful attempts. Some are lucky enough to transform the other person into their families, but most of us end up living the life, as the outsiders.

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  1. Home is where the heart is? It still works for me, years after I have left my official ‘home’ and family, it is no longer a place but a thought in my heart.

  2. i’ve never read anything by Richard Bach too. fiction or non-fiction? sorry but i’ve never heard of him to tell the truth. maybe i’ll go look up a few of his books soon.

  3. @Silver and Jos
    Even I did not know much about Richard Bach. But some of his books are simply too good, he mostly likes non fiction, but of it appear to be fiction..The truth is well hidden.

    If interested, please start with “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, a small book, but amazing thoughts.

    well do you really consider that as your home? and all people in that your family?, I mean do you really relate to them and how they think

    If yes, you are extremely blessed

  4. I’m more of the “Home is where you hang your hat, kinda gal.” I do have memories and loads of them from my family home. My Grandfather actually built it himself. It was huge. Eight bedrooms and four bathrooms.
    It was more of a mad house than anything. And being that I left home at such an early age. Well… Home was where I hung my hat so to speak. Strange as it may sound. Even thogh I own my house now. It still does not feel like home?? Hummmmmmmmmmm……….

  5. @Ireland
    Exactly what I was talking about, home is the not the house we live in, and family not the people with whom we live.

  6. yes, i have created my own home filled with people that become my family though i am lucky because the immediate family that i was born into remain a part of the life i choose to live … a part of the home of my heart …

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