Random Stufff Saturday


Mind is kind of blank today, actually today was outside of my routine, really did not get time at all to think, in fact I did not realize how the day went. This is what I was referring to in my post titled “Return“. So I decided to write about 5 random things that happened to today.

Random Stuff #1
I was giving myself a shave in the morning, I looked up into mirror and began to wonder, how difficult it is to shave without a mirror, was tempted to try to shave away from the mirror, was just thinking what would I do If I have to live in a car, and my rare view mirrors are broken, and I have to shave. A little idiotic, but theoretically possible. So I took my razor out into my bedroom and tried to shave looking at a window. I did shave pretty good, have to admit 2 cuts is a pretty good result :).

RS #2.
People in Bangalore have developed extreme patience and tolerance over the years. I had to travel to my cousin’s place which is around 10 km from my place, I just took over 30 min. On a normal day it would be nothing short of a miracle.
While driving my two wheeler, I was just observing people around me, they have great skills of finding their way inbetween tons of vehicles, making sure they dont get themselves a single scratch. They have no problem with people honking continuously, they infact love the same and show their happiness by joining into the honking game. They have achieved what many people struggle to achieve, they have detached from what people want from them, all swear words under earth together also cant break their integrity.

It might a gap of 3 years, 3 months or 3 days, the time gap really does not matter, when two old friends meet, its always fun. We can start from where we left off. In fact the break does really good.

I always claimed to have an unique taste in what I buy, it might be my clothes, watches or even shoes. It turns out that my cousin knows me too well. He was the chosen one to shop for me in Singapore. He was supposed to get me few T shirts, a watch, and whatever he feels like buying for me. It turns out that, he knew exactly my taste in colors, he got me the prints which I would love in colors I would like. The most surprising of the lot was the watch. I was so impressed by his selection for me. Dude you rock.

It turns out that I have officially turned into a foodie. I had a very big meal for lunch today, so big that I didn’t want my evening snack too, my granny didn’t even believe when I said I was not hungry, she made a deep fried oily snack for me, just when I thought I was full, I was asked to accompany my parents and cousin to a street in Bangalore, famous for street food, Its one of my favorite eatouts, so could not say no. After loads of food and 2 servings of a desert I love, I officially accept that I have tuned into a “foodie”.


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  1. It’s nice when you know someone that totally gets your taste. I’ve yet t find someone that knows mine. Still looking though!

  2. Nice! Can I borrow your cousin… I could really use a new watch! 😉
    Food is nummy! Especially the good stuff you get along the streets in Los Angeles! Too yummy! Sounds like you had a great day! I miss the Big City… I think I’ll make it a priority to go there more often. Unfortunately, I don’t have a two-wheeler. I do have a four-wheeler tho! lol

  3. RS #3 – Entirely true. You don’t miss a beat. I have reaquainted myself with the love of my life and my best friend, with years in between, only to begin better the second time around. Maybe it is not so random. good vibes rambler

  4. @Laura,
    Hey thanks for stopping by,
    Good to know you feel similar, before I started writing blogs, I used to feel so weird about myself and my thoughts, not that it has become less :), but feels great to find similar thoughts around

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