An Open letter to my friend.


I have said sorry for this before, I think I was wrong, I really don’t have the guilt for what I did, instead I am feeling guilty for apologizing. There was a reason behind what I did, and till today I feel it was not wrong. I may not be right, but I was not wrong either.

All I wanted was to congradulate you, and amongst our friends. I feel we are mature enough to handle this right?, also its not this was something that happened just few days back. Its 2 long years, and I dont like seeing you hesitate to bring this side of you amidst us.

Still I do respect that you got upset, which I may not have liked being the cause for. So the apology was for that, for pissing you off, but definitely not for what I did.

I know that you are very busy and may not be reading this, atleast not soon.
If and when you read this, am sure we will have something to discuss 🙂


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  1. :)) Appreciate your attitude !! talking non sense in loud voice does not make sense only can worsen the matter !!

    all the best !!

  2. Holy cow- This post gave me a sense of deja vu- i had a similar situation with a friend and had used a blog post to reach out to her….

  3. @Moushumi
    Hey thanks for stopping by.
    So that makes you my senior, so what happened with your friend? this makes me so curious 🙂

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