My life in 25 parts.


My friend from blog-o-sphere celebrating her 25th birthday, as a part of celebration she has come up with a 25 years blog carnival. She wanted us to write about people’s most vivid or special memories of the past 25 years. It can be about a personal event or it could be about a more news worthy event. This is my shot at this.

Early part of my childhood was spent living mostly with my mom, who took care of me all alone, my dad used to work in a different city, and he used to come down once in about six months. Even though we had more than good life, it was not a rich spoiled one. I don’t regret this for even a second. The middle class upbringing under my mother’s strict nature is something which I treasure a lot. As a kid in elementary school I was a little studious compared to others [ I just turned into a geek later :)]. I loved to have fun with my friends. Apart from studies, I had very good hobbies too. Not many people know that I had a exhibition of my paintings when I was in second grade. I also was into music, have to admit never been a sporty guy. If I have to look in retrospect the significant event during that period, was me realizing the importance of scoring high and education. In a way it was good, it has helped me to get to the position I am in today, in a way it has taken so many things away, the sad part is I cannot get the lost time back. People who influences me most during these times, were couple of my teachers, my mother and in a strange little way my father too.

The next significant phase in any teenager has to be the high school. I was little fortunate to get into one of the better high schools. By this time people around me had drilled in so much of importance of scoring high grades/marks that the importance to the “Education” got lost. More than the education part, my social life got totally screwed. I did have my share of high school crushes. It was fun, the first crush in a way never goes of, does it?. I know its sounds a little stupid, but it would be lovely to meet her just once more, and yes the concept of “White” which I always keep posting about is about her. I did not do much about painting nor on music during my high school days, all I did was study for the exams. I still remember me being called a bookworm or geek in our own terms, the good part is that I took it really as a compliment. I always used to feel happy when I get referred to, as one such. I have to admit people who made a lot of influence on me here too were my teachers, of course “her”, my cousins. My cousins got close to me during this period. We have had loads of fun and lots of memorable tit bits still bring a big broad smile to my face.

Short period of 2 years before my university days were so tensed that I don’t even want to remember that period. Its more like a black hole, which I don’t want to put light on. I can just say that I did reasonably well to get into a good college for my Bachelors, and also this was the last time I got to see “her”.

College doing my Bachelors will remain the most etched memory for me. I guess this is because I met most of my friends whom I can count on, during my college. Even though they are very few, I treasure them. I don’t agree with one my friends who recently said. “friends” to her means “they come and go”. I hope and feel she has said this out of hurt and she does not really think this way. Anyways. I had one of my greatest holidays with my friends during this time, I have also had my second and last of my crushes so far during this time, I have learnt something which is currently paying for my bills, I had the time of my life watching movies and shows which I love even now. The biggest influence on me during this time has to be my friends P & S and PA and V too. Guys you were great. I also loved the attention I got because of a certain event which happened towards the end of my college. In all wonderful four years which I would re-live any day.

Moving onto my post college years, my professional life. Its been almost 4 years, and kind of growing strong. I guess this is that time of my life, which has seen maximum changes, changes in everything.Firstly it has changed “ME”, he way I look at myself, the way I think, and my interests. It has changed my relationships, relationship with money, relatives, friends, strangers. Most importantly it has changed my priorities. It has made me learn so many things, from so many people. Made me do things which I would have never done. It has also made me go through so many ups and downs emotionally and professionally, it has indeed made me a different person all together. Again my influences have been strong, couple of colleagues from whom I have learnt whatever I know, Friends who have stood by me, new ones whom I have highest regards, and books

I am not sure what us lined up for my future. Expectation always spoils the achievement, but still I am no saint either.
so what do you guys think?
whats in store in my near future?
any thoughts?….


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  1. i’m guessing there is lots of wonderful and geeky (tee hee) joy in your future!! i find that the older i get, the more connected to life i am 🙂

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