Its all about F.R.I.E.N.D.S


I was thinking about the one TV show which I miss even today. It has to be without doubt “Friends”. I was just wondering what it was about that show, which made it so amazing and what it is, that I miss about it. So I made this list, list of 5 things I miss about F.R.I.E.N.D.S

1. The character Joey. Never ever in Television history has some one made me laugh as much as Joey, the facial expressions of his, were just too good. Many people find his comedy goofy, but I used to find it really good. There are so many incidents in the show which I cant stop laughing whenever I think about them.
When Joey tries to wear all clothes of chandler when fighting for the couch,
When the gang looses the lottery and Phoebe mimics a bird the last scene where Joey searches for the bird in the cafe,
When Joey is fighting with Emma for hugsy,
When Joey cant share his food.
When joey cant lie and he comes up with Racoon story.
So many of them I can go on and on. Joey is just too great.

2. Lyrics of phoebe’s song, they crack me up every time. Some of my personal favorite include

I found you in my bed,
how you end up there,
you are a mystery,
little black curly hair,
little black, little black, little black, little back, little black curly hair.

And of course the smelly cat was the hit single isn’t it 🙂

3. The guest characters who were really amazing, forget about the celebrity guest appearances, but the others who were really good.
Like Chandler’s weirdo roommate Eddy [I am not sure about the name].
Janice, how can we forget her annoying laugh,
Chandler’s Dad,
Peter the ultimate fight champion,
Phoebe’s brother and SIL awesome storyline,
Bald Barney on the beach, who is convinced by Rachael to shave her head

4. Ross’s goof ups, being a little of a geek myself, his geeky habits appealed to me. I so much wanted him not to goof up. But most of his goof ups really were hilarious.
Leather pants which he struggles to get on,
The shiny teeth that glow in dark during the date,
The blouse which he ends up wearing similar to his date,
Tanning when he counts Mississippi’lessly,
When he discovers he got mugged by phoebe,
The unagi episode.
His music, where he plays the weird sounds

Again the list keeps growing

5. Romance on the show. For not so mushy guy like me too, it was appealing. Ross, Rachael and their moments are still memorable. The scene with the stars in the museum, the whole who came onto whom thing, when Rachael discovers about Ross’s feelings when with the Asian girl and the vice versa. Apart from R&R Joey and Rachael too have their amazing moments, so do Monica and Chandler, Phoebe and Mike.

So what do you guys think?, whats the thing about this show that you liked.


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  1. @Jos,
    I feel you are missing something great 🙂

    phoebe;s music is just too great,
    any favorites?

    why? 😦

  2. thanx a lot for givin me d link… it felt great… it felt like watching friends all over a agin…it rips u apart to narrow down to a few of those million amazing friends moments…

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