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Cheapskate, me?

Dressing style is one thing which can be as personal as it can get to a person. Each one have our own preference when it comes to type of clothes, material and of course color. Men are expected to be least bothered about all these. Not quite sure why. I don’t worry too much about my maintianing my clothes, but I have to admit that I am quite choosy when it comes to choosing/buying them and I have my own taste.

It is very rare that I see another person wearing the same kind of clothes as me. Don’t mistake that I have a weird looking taste that no one likes, but I do tend to choose a lot, and I have to say very fussy shopper when it comes to it. I dont think you can find many people with the same clothes as mine.

Apart from the normal collection of my whites and blues, I do have a huge collection of one liner Tshirts, which I treasure. I normally have an eye open to such Thirts when I am out, because they are things which you cant buy when you want to shop for clothes. I mean when you want to, you never get the good ones.

I always dress casual to work, with Jeans and Tshirts most of the days, and people do notice the sayings on my shirt. This is the most wierd part, when people try to read your shirt. Some are courteous enough to stop you and say they want to read what my shirt says. I have had numerous instances when people have remembered me with what my Tshirt had to say.
There are lot of people who want to hide the fact that they are reading your shirt. Men tend to read it as fast as they can, and you can see the disappointment in their faces when they cant finish reading before you pass.
Women find it more tough I guess, when they see a person whom they dont know, they dont want to stop him to read what the shirt says, but they are curious to know. They try to read it, but then they dont want to be cought staring, so they do lot of circus to read. Some times its hilarious when you catch strangers trying to stare at your chest. The mysterious, half shy, half emberassed smile, followed by avoid of the eye contact is simply hilarious.

Today it happened to me. I was in a busy fast food chain having lunch. This girl may be in her late 20’s [girl??? :)] passes by. The saying on the shirt looked like a little out of normal. Not many times I have been in this situation, where I try to read of a stranger women’s shirt. Now I found it really odd to share at her chest. As a boy/man you would have done it so many times [ honest admission], but still I found it really odd. First time I tried to read it, I could catch only first line, and then it happend, she caught me reading [hopefully she didnt think I was staring]. And then I wanted to just forget that, but the curiosity to complete the sentence was frustrating. Just when she was about to go out of the joint, she walked past me head on, and I read the second line.

I am sure, she would have thought, “What a cheapskate”.

6 thoughts on “Cheapskate, me?

  1. So what did her T-shirt say? And no she wouldn’t have thought ‘cheapskate’…’written’ Tees are meant for reading as long as you are literate 🙂

  2. i have a couple of shirts like that. made them myself and i wear them all the time.

    i have one with “antisocial” (not that i really am, but i have people telling me that i am so i thought it’d be funny) written on it and a couple of times people say that out loud to me smirking or something (they stare and sort of tell it to my face in a somewhat rude tone, an-ti-so-cial). i just ignore them…

  3. You bet 😉

    But then again, not if she was wearing a written tee.. A written / printed tee is meant to be “stared” at…

  4. I’m lucky that I read fast. Hehe. I find it a tad uncomfortable to read women’s shirts as well though…

  5. @Dreamcatcher,
    Hey thanks for stopping by,
    I think it read “Shouldn’t you be on some ledge somewhere”
    but I felt funny when caught staring, I hope she thought I was reading 🙂

    Yeah thats rude I guess

    so the bet is I am a cheapskate 🙂 he he..
    You do know where the print is generally right, he he

    Lucky you, have you ever been caught staring at a women’s shirt?

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