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Vegan by choice?

I have been a vegetarian by birth. I say it “by birth” because it was not me who decided against eating meat, it was forced onto me by my parents, family and religion. I am not saying I want to eat meat and am being held back because of somebody. I am just saying it was not my choice to begin with.

Not many people would like this, but any religion is not free of hypocrisies. When my religion does not allow to eat meat, so called strict followers are allowed to eat egg but not meat. I don’t want to start the whole debate of egg being vegetarian. I can’t take the fact that people say, they don’t want to eat meat because its against religion.

I have no problem with eating egg and even dairy, I just cant get myself to smell meat. This might be because I have been brought up away from meat. At a point, I wanted to get rid of all my inhibitions and start trying out stuff, I wanted to experience everything and then decide what I really like to do and what not.

First I tried was smoking, I just took a puff and could not take it at all, the worst part with smoking is the smell, I start getting red watery eyes and my nose starts burning with the smoke. So I stopped it.

Next on line was meat, I really was all set to try meat, In fact some of my cousins are meat eaters and they did order me a piece of chicken, when it came to my table, it was so well disguised that I could not have made out if the waiter had not told. With a lot of courage I took the piece close to my mouth, but could not do it. All these years I convince myself, that I don’t eat meat because, I chose not to, but deep down I think I know, I know that it was my failure to unlearn, defeat, get over my inhibitions regarding meat. I would have probably not liked it even if I had tasted it, and may be that would have confirmed that I am vegetarian by choice.

I kind of avoid to get near meat with pungent odors, the worst I have smelt so far is roasted pork. I think thats the worlds worst smelling stuff that people can put into mouth. There is one thing which surprises me a lot, my tolerance for the meat eaters. I have never felt bad when a person eats meat on the same table as me, I have seen so many people I know get disgusted by this, but surprisingly I have never felt bad about sharing a table. If the odor is not too strong I have really no problem with sharing the table.

Lastly, I would be not totally honest, if don’t mention, one piece of meat which tempted me. It has to be “shrimp”, though it looks ugly and slimy there is something in that which tempted me.

I am still not so sure what should I call myself, vegetarian by choice or by lack of it.

4 thoughts on “Vegan by choice?

  1. i used to have a vegan friend (used to because i’ve lost contact with her. i’m pretty sure she’s still vegan) and she basically packs lunch to school everyday. and almost everyday, it’s something different.

    i think vegan/vegetarians makes better cook than us meat-eaters. they tend to try more recipes too. good ones at that.

  2. i grew up eating meat and then became a vegetarian for about 8 years, vegan for 2 of those … i have since gone back to eating meat but it is rare and mostly fish and shrimp …

    i can’t imagine what it would be like to have been vegetarian since birth …

    thanks for sharing this … it actually makes me want to go back to being a vegetarian which i couldn’t explain to you if i tried, lol

  3. I’m not a big fan of meat, red meat especially but I do eat it because I find that I feel ill when I DON’T eat it (red meat has a lot of iron). I love the smell of chicken. I like a lot of seafood but if I did decide to go the vegetarian route I wouldn’t miss the meat too much.

  4. @Jos,
    This I would have to agree with you, we vegetarians have lot of recipes and are big foodies too 🙂

    Well I dont know hot it feels to be a meat eater :), guess both are same..
    If you decide to go back to being a vegan, let me know, it would be fun to know how you feel when you quit eating meat.

    One really need not give up something, if he/she does not want to.
    what do you say?

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