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Random Randomness

Reason for Randomness:
Yesterday was one of the busiest day at work, was working from 3am to 6am and then from 9am to 7pm and then 8pm to 11pm, with just 15 mnts lunch break and a coffee break of about 10 mnts. Thats the busiest I have been in years I guess. Worst part of the day was not work, but my tummy. I had a real bad shooting stomach ache for almost all the day yesterday. Looks like junk food does harm you :). So the personal time I keep for reading blogs and writing my posts was taken away yesterday by all the other stuff. Today began better with my tummy, but a little busy at work, as I spent 2 hours out of office. I have not yet gotten back to my grove but just few random things here today.

Random Conversation:
S. Did you feel bored yesterday. [wrt a function/ceremony I attended]
Rambler: Nope I didn’t. Why do you ask.
S. Just like that.
Then I was thinking, I always find functions boring, but not that much that day. This was my explanation of the reason to myself.
“All things are boring, it is person for whom you do those things for, that adds interest to the boring things.”
looks wise right 🙂

Random Dilemma.
I had a dream on Monday night. [yes after a long time]. The dream was that I am planning to do something, it appeared like I am very much interested in that thing.
First time without a proper reason I chose not to do that thing.
Then Some person comes and describes to me how good that “thing” felt when he experienced the same. This time I make up my mind to this. Walk up to that place, and somehow I forget why I went there and come back without doing that thing,
After coming back I feel so foolish, this time I step out with full determination to get that “thing” done. And this time someone places a big string of thorns below my feet.
So now the dilemma, What was the dream hinting at.
Is it telling me not to do something?, is it trying to show me how much it is trying to avoid me from doing something?
Is it trying to make me more determined, make me realize there can be many problems, but still I need to continue trying.

Random Ranting:
Why do people not respect time of other people. Well grown, educated, literate, responsible persons too don’t respect time. How can you keep someone waiting, when he/she has adjusted schedule so that it works for you. Not only you come late but also argue that you were right?. Who says just because you informed someone that you are going to be late, it is not your mistake anymore. Some people never learn.

Random Fact:
Saturday was spent shopping, been quite a while since I shopped this much
So this is for people who complain I don’t spend much 😉
4 T-shirts 1200Rs
Lunch for two at KFC 150Rs
A New Mobile phone 6000Rs
A New Sterio headset 650Rs
Evening snacks at a favorite joint 25Rs

Random Botheration:
On my middle toe of my left foot, just at the end of the nail, it itches a lot. I have no clue what to apply for it to stop. I just hope it becomes numb after few days of itch 🙂

4 thoughts on “Random Randomness

  1. random rant ~ that totally drives me crazy … it is hugely disrespectful to keep someone waiting i think.

    i liked reading your random bits of random : )

  2. Very Random :)) but enoyoyed !! I must say you are lucky enuf that u get dreams once in while …:))

    So do shop ..huh ??? 😛 😛

  3. @Daisies
    he he, I was totally rambling last night

    Do you mean I am lucky that I get only few dreams?
    Or do you mean I am lukcy because atleast I get dreams once in a while..

    yep shop 😦

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