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Falling in my eyes

When you meet people who are older to you, you expect some decency, discipline and something which is worth learning from them. I generally have respect to most people, because they have helped me in being the person I am.

Once you start to work, most of your day is spent with colleagues and they do kind of become like an extended family. I tend to expect good things from them, at least people whom I chose to be around. Then they do something which makes them fall into such lows that they start to disgust me.

He is married and he also has a daughter, how can he make such comments about a girl, a woman who is his colleague. I know its pretty normal for guys to show interest in women, and appreciate their beauty more often, but talking about a girl, with such demeaning language, getting to the details physically, is that something he thinks is a joke?. I am sure just like me others who were around him, may have smiled at that moment, but would have a preferment damaged opinion about him as a person.

This is not the first time he has done something like this, just because it is an all male group, it does not allow him to talk about any nonsense which he calls a joke. Fortunately there were some sane people around me yesterday, who made sure he understand thats not something I will tolerate and he went quiet.

One thing is for sure, he cannot rise again in my eyes,
Also the guilt of being a part of such conversation, which I feel, when I see her almost everyday at work will never go.

You suck man.

10 thoughts on “Falling in my eyes

  1. I really cannot stand people like that, and I have no problems with telling them that they have a problem when they make comments like that.

  2. Such characters do exist virtually every where. I fail to undestand the mentality or the so called desire behind such a mannerless behaviour. and believe that “What you give to the world ; one day it surely will come back to you “

  3. hey..thts true even i feel the same way..its not only about making cheap comments but also watching girls in a weird way as though u have never seen tht kind of creature before..we come across such kind of people everywher..actually i dont mind in saying WE meet them daily!!

  4. @Daisies
    yep totally agreed, awful, thats what I feel about myself when I see her everyday. [The person who was commented on]

    Hey nice to see you around here,
    There exists a thin line between acceptable and unacceptable, it looks like people have drawn the line differently. And Yes we may meet them daily.
    But somehow don’t see it as a gender thing, I never do, its just few people who are insensible.

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