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Yes, it does not matter

Gone are those days, days almost same as previous ones,
long hours, day after day, with all of us,
with nothing to do, but lots to do.

Many days, long chats, some confessions, some sharing,
Some advice, some complains, a little fights and lots of fun.

No words spoken, hardly any time spent.
Your smile said it all,
Just the “Smile”.

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Its all about F.R.I.E.N.D.S

I was thinking about the one TV show which I miss even today. It has to be without doubt “Friends”. I was just wondering what it was about that show, which made it so amazing and what it is, that I miss about it. So I made this list, list of 5 things I miss about F.R.I.E.N.D.S

1. The character Joey. Never ever in Television history has some one made me laugh as much as Joey, the facial expressions of his, were just too good. Many people find his comedy goofy, but I used to find it really good. There are so many incidents in the show which I cant stop laughing whenever I think about them.
When Joey tries to wear all clothes of chandler when fighting for the couch,
When the gang looses the lottery and Phoebe mimics a bird the last scene where Joey searches for the bird in the cafe,
When Joey is fighting with Emma for hugsy,
When Joey cant share his food.
When joey cant lie and he comes up with Racoon story.
So many of them I can go on and on. Joey is just too great.

2. Lyrics of phoebe’s song, they crack me up every time. Some of my personal favorite include

I found you in my bed,
how you end up there,
you are a mystery,
little black curly hair,
little black, little black, little black, little back, little black curly hair.

And of course the smelly cat was the hit single isn’t it 🙂

3. The guest characters who were really amazing, forget about the celebrity guest appearances, but the others who were really good.
Like Chandler’s weirdo roommate Eddy [I am not sure about the name].
Janice, how can we forget her annoying laugh,
Chandler’s Dad,
Peter the ultimate fight champion,
Phoebe’s brother and SIL awesome storyline,
Bald Barney on the beach, who is convinced by Rachael to shave her head

4. Ross’s goof ups, being a little of a geek myself, his geeky habits appealed to me. I so much wanted him not to goof up. But most of his goof ups really were hilarious.
Leather pants which he struggles to get on,
The shiny teeth that glow in dark during the date,
The blouse which he ends up wearing similar to his date,
Tanning when he counts Mississippi’lessly,
When he discovers he got mugged by phoebe,
The unagi episode.
His music, where he plays the weird sounds

Again the list keeps growing

5. Romance on the show. For not so mushy guy like me too, it was appealing. Ross, Rachael and their moments are still memorable. The scene with the stars in the museum, the whole who came onto whom thing, when Rachael discovers about Ross’s feelings when with the Asian girl and the vice versa. Apart from R&R Joey and Rachael too have their amazing moments, so do Monica and Chandler, Phoebe and Mike.

So what do you guys think?, whats the thing about this show that you liked.

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My life in 25 parts.

My friend from blog-o-sphere celebrating her 25th birthday, as a part of celebration she has come up with a 25 years blog carnival. She wanted us to write about people’s most vivid or special memories of the past 25 years. It can be about a personal event or it could be about a more news worthy event. This is my shot at this.

Early part of my childhood was spent living mostly with my mom, who took care of me all alone, my dad used to work in a different city, and he used to come down once in about six months. Even though we had more than good life, it was not a rich spoiled one. I don’t regret this for even a second. The middle class upbringing under my mother’s strict nature is something which I treasure a lot. As a kid in elementary school I was a little studious compared to others [ I just turned into a geek later :)]. I loved to have fun with my friends. Apart from studies, I had very good hobbies too. Not many people know that I had a exhibition of my paintings when I was in second grade. I also was into music, have to admit never been a sporty guy. If I have to look in retrospect the significant event during that period, was me realizing the importance of scoring high and education. In a way it was good, it has helped me to get to the position I am in today, in a way it has taken so many things away, the sad part is I cannot get the lost time back. People who influences me most during these times, were couple of my teachers, my mother and in a strange little way my father too.

The next significant phase in any teenager has to be the high school. I was little fortunate to get into one of the better high schools. By this time people around me had drilled in so much of importance of scoring high grades/marks that the importance to the “Education” got lost. More than the education part, my social life got totally screwed. I did have my share of high school crushes. It was fun, the first crush in a way never goes of, does it?. I know its sounds a little stupid, but it would be lovely to meet her just once more, and yes the concept of “White” which I always keep posting about is about her. I did not do much about painting nor on music during my high school days, all I did was study for the exams. I still remember me being called a bookworm or geek in our own terms, the good part is that I took it really as a compliment. I always used to feel happy when I get referred to, as one such. I have to admit people who made a lot of influence on me here too were my teachers, of course “her”, my cousins. My cousins got close to me during this period. We have had loads of fun and lots of memorable tit bits still bring a big broad smile to my face.

Short period of 2 years before my university days were so tensed that I don’t even want to remember that period. Its more like a black hole, which I don’t want to put light on. I can just say that I did reasonably well to get into a good college for my Bachelors, and also this was the last time I got to see “her”.

College doing my Bachelors will remain the most etched memory for me. I guess this is because I met most of my friends whom I can count on, during my college. Even though they are very few, I treasure them. I don’t agree with one my friends who recently said. “friends” to her means “they come and go”. I hope and feel she has said this out of hurt and she does not really think this way. Anyways. I had one of my greatest holidays with my friends during this time, I have also had my second and last of my crushes so far during this time, I have learnt something which is currently paying for my bills, I had the time of my life watching movies and shows which I love even now. The biggest influence on me during this time has to be my friends P & S and PA and V too. Guys you were great. I also loved the attention I got because of a certain event which happened towards the end of my college. In all wonderful four years which I would re-live any day.

Moving onto my post college years, my professional life. Its been almost 4 years, and kind of growing strong. I guess this is that time of my life, which has seen maximum changes, changes in everything.Firstly it has changed “ME”, he way I look at myself, the way I think, and my interests. It has changed my relationships, relationship with money, relatives, friends, strangers. Most importantly it has changed my priorities. It has made me learn so many things, from so many people. Made me do things which I would have never done. It has also made me go through so many ups and downs emotionally and professionally, it has indeed made me a different person all together. Again my influences have been strong, couple of colleagues from whom I have learnt whatever I know, Friends who have stood by me, new ones whom I have highest regards, and books

I am not sure what us lined up for my future. Expectation always spoils the achievement, but still I am no saint either.
so what do you guys think?
whats in store in my near future?
any thoughts?….

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Dreamless II

In the middle of the day,
Deep in a night’s sleep,
With my total consciousness,
Without my mind’s consent,
With a total purpose,
Totally aimless,
Articulate details in memory,
Complete loss of remembrance,
Ending with smiles on my face,
Sweating all over with agony
With colors of a rainbow,
Black as a charcoal,
Really practical,
Ridiculously impossible,
I have had my dreams.
Dreams that used to be a mirror,
Mirror of the days that went by,
Showing pathway into my future,
Lately, have been missing them,
Both in quality as will in quantity,
Makes me wonder, what went wrong,
Is this a death of my wants?
or am I left dreamless ?.

For people who are wondering about the title, this might explain the number II

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An Open letter to my friend.

I have said sorry for this before, I think I was wrong, I really don’t have the guilt for what I did, instead I am feeling guilty for apologizing. There was a reason behind what I did, and till today I feel it was not wrong. I may not be right, but I was not wrong either.

All I wanted was to congradulate you, and amongst our friends. I feel we are mature enough to handle this right?, also its not this was something that happened just few days back. Its 2 long years, and I dont like seeing you hesitate to bring this side of you amidst us.

Still I do respect that you got upset, which I may not have liked being the cause for. So the apology was for that, for pissing you off, but definitely not for what I did.

I know that you are very busy and may not be reading this, atleast not soon.
If and when you read this, am sure we will have something to discuss 🙂

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Can this be an "Art"

Memory is an art, I guess most of us agree with this. As student I struggled to remember those complex formulas, and even tougher events in my history class. How many times I have wondered about having a super memory, How many times I have wished for a supernatural memory so that I can get out of this horrible cramming for 10 years during school. In fact a friend of mine and I used to study about various memory improvement techniques.

Well coming back to what I wanted to say today, memory is an art agreed, but “forgetting” is a bigger art. There are few things which are hard to memorize and remember, but there are few things which are impossible to forget. I had put up this line from “Memory’s a wonderful thing if you don’t have to deal with the past” from the movie Before Sunset some time back. I was just wondering, it would have been so nice if people could forget just what they want. I want to remember that day when I enjoyed a little of cheating in one of the tests, but want to forget the guilt that followed forever. I want to remember that pretty face in white which congratulated me long time back, and forget the fact that was the only word she spoke to me. I want the memories of elementary school and want to forget the fact that I have no clue of none of my friends.

Time, as we are told, are the ultimate healer, well I agree partially, it does reduce the memories, but can It wipe it off?, well I don’t think so. The concept of selective erasion, a fiction from the movie “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind” appealed to me so much, I guess it would be have worked out so well for so many people, if it was possible.

How many of us have slept at the end of a day, with a hope that, the next day when we wake up, we would have forgotten, this one thing from today, this one failure for a while, this one person for a few days, this one incident for years, this one mistake for life.

This weekend has been such a good one, its been a long time since I had a such a busy yet happy weekend. Nothing worth forgetting about this one…

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Random Stufff Saturday

Mind is kind of blank today, actually today was outside of my routine, really did not get time at all to think, in fact I did not realize how the day went. This is what I was referring to in my post titled “Return“. So I decided to write about 5 random things that happened to today.

Random Stuff #1
I was giving myself a shave in the morning, I looked up into mirror and began to wonder, how difficult it is to shave without a mirror, was tempted to try to shave away from the mirror, was just thinking what would I do If I have to live in a car, and my rare view mirrors are broken, and I have to shave. A little idiotic, but theoretically possible. So I took my razor out into my bedroom and tried to shave looking at a window. I did shave pretty good, have to admit 2 cuts is a pretty good result :).

RS #2.
People in Bangalore have developed extreme patience and tolerance over the years. I had to travel to my cousin’s place which is around 10 km from my place, I just took over 30 min. On a normal day it would be nothing short of a miracle.
While driving my two wheeler, I was just observing people around me, they have great skills of finding their way inbetween tons of vehicles, making sure they dont get themselves a single scratch. They have no problem with people honking continuously, they infact love the same and show their happiness by joining into the honking game. They have achieved what many people struggle to achieve, they have detached from what people want from them, all swear words under earth together also cant break their integrity.

It might a gap of 3 years, 3 months or 3 days, the time gap really does not matter, when two old friends meet, its always fun. We can start from where we left off. In fact the break does really good.

I always claimed to have an unique taste in what I buy, it might be my clothes, watches or even shoes. It turns out that my cousin knows me too well. He was the chosen one to shop for me in Singapore. He was supposed to get me few T shirts, a watch, and whatever he feels like buying for me. It turns out that, he knew exactly my taste in colors, he got me the prints which I would love in colors I would like. The most surprising of the lot was the watch. I was so impressed by his selection for me. Dude you rock.

It turns out that I have officially turned into a foodie. I had a very big meal for lunch today, so big that I didn’t want my evening snack too, my granny didn’t even believe when I said I was not hungry, she made a deep fried oily snack for me, just when I thought I was full, I was asked to accompany my parents and cousin to a street in Bangalore, famous for street food, Its one of my favorite eatouts, so could not say no. After loads of food and 2 servings of a desert I love, I officially accept that I have tuned into a “foodie”.

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My second attempt at fifty fived charmers, have to say, more lasting hook than I thought.

I think of days,
A late morning, A long breakfast, A quick bath,
Loads of games, longer lunch, and never ending chats.

Days never ended for the next one to begin.

Yes I agree, It was the same me,
It was the same day,
Its just those people, who are missing.

Gone, Lost, or some never cared,
Sometimes, few, do come back

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Lets talk about home and family

I am currently reading a book called Running from safety written by Richard Bach, have to admit being a big Richard fan, this book has not impressed me much, well compared to other books of his, at least not yet. I am into the book by about 100 pages, and today came across a gem of a thought.

Richard says “As a kid, if anybody asks me to point the way home, I would have pointed up“, he says “He didn’t know till long ago why“. Then he continues. “I couldn’t point inside, a tight space cluttered with body parts, barely room to breathe. Couldn’t point left or right. those direction s took me nowhere but a different here“.

I have to admit, I didn’t get what he really meant here, why was he talking about a far away home, I began to wonder is he talking about the principle which talks about, Earth being a temporary home, we being here just to do our job, the actual home being place near the god. I thought it looked way to irrational or idealistic for him to think like that. If not this, I began to wonder what does he mean.

I finally settled for this interpretation of mine, I guess all of us never really understand where’s the place where we feel like home, “home” here is that illusionary place, where we feel at ease with ourselves, we let our mind expand and travel to any place it wants, without any restrictions and rules. The fact that he had never found such a place “here”, he points upwards, that signifies his hope that it really exists, its just that he needs a map or a path which leads him there.

Next gem in the book I came across today was to do with the definition of family. His wife Leslie complains to him “I really have felt like an outsider all my life, I don’t think like others do, where I grew up, I don’t think like my mom or dad or any other member in the family“. To that Richard replies “You do think the same as your family, Only your family isn’t who you thought they were

I was really impressed with this last line, I have been complaining of not finding people who really think like me, or who can really appreciate the ideals which I have, or more importantly have ideas which I can appreciate. Its so true, we always do search for our families, siblings, father, mother and most importantly our partners, we do search family in every person we meet. Just hoping we can find that ideal set of people we always dreamed off.

Very few of us are fortunate enough to find a partner who can be a part of our “family”, some times people find them after few unsuccessful attempts. Some are lucky enough to transform the other person into their families, but most of us end up living the life, as the outsiders.