In my shell

Beautiful orange sky,
Connector between the cold night and sunny day.
Music, soft and melodious,
With words that leaves with no option, but to love.
Rain, pouring wild and all night,
Thunders and lightening, washing thyself,
Books, read and unread,
Pages galore of thoughts and ideas.
Wind, from all directions, strong
Bringing freshness and fragrance, refreshing
People, Seekers and want-ers,
Passion much more than me, may be towards me.
Myself, 0ld and new, strong and week
Thoughts, Wildness, Growth and Change.
Things I would love in my shell.
In my shell.

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  1. @Daisies.
    Well I can just say thanks 🙂

    someone seems to have become a little regular 😉
    words, words are all I have.

    Yep thats my shell,

    The connection might be totally wierd, but here it goes,
    when I Saw the picture, my attention totally went to the small cup like thing within the whole bowl like thing. This ius supposed to be some kind of a well, now we know frog in a well is bad right, forget about being the frog in the well, my mind wanted even smaller portion of the well, my dream shell.

    Now I can almost see fumes coming out of your head as you read this …

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