Feel like dancing???


The subject for this post is something I have very less information about, I have always been fascinated by it, but never ever tried it. There is high probability that I might be talking total nonsense.

Kids have amazing ways of expressing their emotions. If you see them playing, even when they are playing with the toy, they are always singing some made up song, or doing some actions, which are as good as dancing to them. They are shy, I mean if they spot people watching them, they end up quiet, but still they know how to enjoy themselves and express their happiness. I love to see kids dancing. They may not have the elaborate steps, nor the grace or perfection, but I like the fact that they dance for themselves, they dance because they feel like.

I have known many adults who dance as a form of art, some more who dance because of the formality associated with occasion, some dance as a profession. I don’t know any person who dances for fun you know. Like they show in movies, when happy just make that simple swirl or a ketchup dance step, or even the movement of the hands. I can just imagine one person I know who is capable of doing this, but may be even she would do it may be once in a billion years.

So have I felt like dancing before?, mostly no. Even when I am happy, I more of the talker kind. The amount of sentences I speak is directly proportional to how happy and excited I am.
I kind of want to meet and talk to happy crazy people, people who dance when happy, people who don’t care what others might think, people who don’t mind getting wet when it rains just for fun, people who go and have loads of ice cream when its raining cats and dogs, people who wake up at 12 just to have a chocolate.

Just a teeny tiny admission except for the dance part I have done the rest of the things I mentioned above :)..

As far dance goes, any happy dancers around?


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  1. i don’t know if i should admit this but i have been known to dance in the kitchen on more than one occasion and twirl when i am happy, around and around … and sometimes i shimmy around and do a dance down the stairs … um … yeah … i actually dance a lot much to the amusement of my family … lol

    i also bellydance because its fun and i love the classes …

    i don’t mind getting wet when it rains and i’ve been known to go for ice cream when it snows even …

    i’ll bet there are a ton of people who dance when they’re happy … many more than you would suspect 🙂 i know more than a few …

    you should try it!!

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