Suggestions please !


Guys need some advice from you people, let me know what you think.

1. Over the last two days, I have this strong urge to buy myself a gift, kind of self boost, the problem however seems to be that I am not able to decide what to buy. It should be not very expensive but must be exciting. I know I dont want to buy myself clothes, have bought enough. Just wondering what would excite me.

2. When people comment here on my blog, whats the best way to answer them. I end up answering through means of another comment on the same post. I am not so sure if people come back to read them, or if they are really interested in seeing my responses to the comments. I have seen some some people send responses in emails. I kind of like it, it has more personal feel to it, unfortunately I dont have email ids of you guys.


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  1. Well, I love the idea of buying gift for oneself. i keep on doing it more often and people call it “Shopping spree” Lolzzz

    Well , if you are a gizmo freak, mp3 player,latest smart phone , laptop could be the choice.

    if you like accesesories then watches, rings, bracelets, wallets, belts,caps, jackets, informal blazers could be the option.

    if you are sports person; may be you can buy that good badminton bat, a comfy pair of sports shoes, or even enrollmnt to some kind of activity is good.

    recently I enrolled for the library ; gifting myself that wonderful collection of books !! may be a foreign language course/gym/a nice relaxing massage just see what are you craving for most !! :))

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