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After more than an year and around 175 posts later, it has finally happened. I have been tagged. No no I am not complaining, its just strange it took so much time for the first one to happen.

My friend who speaks of her “Random Thoughts” has tagged me with this weird tag. I am supposed to come up with 8 things weird about me. [Yeah Yeah, I have slightly changed this because, people don’t me well enough to find the weird things about me ;)].

So here it goes.
Being a geek, let me start with my study habits. Back in school/university I had really weird study habits. People used to really get worried and work hard during exams, and I used to panic like around 2 months before the exam, thats when my study hours would be in peak. I always used to keep the last month or fortnight before the exam for revision. I cant remember any exam where I studied something for the first time on the day before of the exam. I used to sleep proper 10 hours on the night before exams

I seem to have strange superstitions, not many people know about them. I never wear something new on important days, I feel the new stuff needs to soak in before I can trust them on an important day.
I once grew a long thumb nail on my right hand, it almost grew upto half an inch. I was so attached to it, that when I had to cut it, I sealed it in a plastic envelope, and I carry it in my backpack always. Somehow I feel good with that in my bag.
I always get sick after a big gathering, I mean not because of food or anything, it just happens.

I generally am obsessed with a particular color for my clothes for a period of time. It started with white, moved to grey, then to red, then black now its blue. I go through periods where almost any shirt I like will be of some shade of the same color, and suddenly focus shifts to a new color.

I tend to admire people a lot. Take me to a person whom I hate, even with him I will find something which is worth admiring. I tend to idolize people a lot. Even the smallest of the qualities in a person, if I like it, I try to develop the same. I don’t think its inferiority complex nor jealousy, its just plain admiration.

I don’t let people cut short my name easily, I have an 8 letter name, how difficult it is to call that?. I feel really annoyed when they cut it short. I feel my short name is meant for privileged people, whom I care about. So guys, If I have not corrected you, when you call me with a short name, you need to feel honored ;)…

I am known to leave annoying first impressions, people find me irritating and/or annoying. I am really not sure why, but I have more than one instances where people have come back and told me I thought you would be such a jerk.

I think about strange things, now people who have read my blog might know this already, I tend to care, worry or even come up with theories on totally unwanted stuff. Now unwanted not to me, but to people in general.

I tend to imagine too much, when you think too much about “what if” it becomes a pain, but can’t help who you are right. I tend to imagine too much, and try to mitigate the most remotely possible problems. It also leads to a little of introvert-ness and even shyness. But once I know someone, I can be pretty good at sensing the really small hints, which the person himself may not notice.

So now the easy part. Tagging 8 more

1. Silverneurotic
2. Jos
3. Daisies
4. Saaya
5 Dreamcatcher
6. Vijay Ramswamy
7. Shreyasi
8. Throwingroses.

Guys if I have missed you, please consider yourself tagged. Would be lovely to know the weirdness in you 🙂

Guys whom I have tagged, if you really end up listing your weird qualities, please come back and leave the link as a comment here, would be fun for others to meet the weirdo in you guys.

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  1. I can empathise with the name cutting short bit- i hv a name tht everyone wants to change to something short:(

  2. i can relate to your one about imagining too much… but then again, is there really such a thing as imagining too much? for me it can be more of an overanalyzing thing.

  3. @Saaya
    Grr?? 🙂
    well, lets see what you will come up with.

    Now that makes me curious, what all could people cut “Moushumi” to :)..

    Hey, the tagging worked 🙂
    thanks for coming up with your list

    long time no see :)…
    I think I tend to assume and imagine a lot, may be I over analyze too :).

  4. Except for point 5 and 7, all other match perfectly to mine!!! Even I have wardrobe full of whites. Now whenever I go out with friends to buy dresses, first thing they do is to hide all whites in near vision 😛

    About superstition, even I don’t wear anything new for important days!!! If something goes beyond expectation, then I am going to wear the same dress for next coming important event he he 😛 Funny!!!

  5. @Shreyasi
    Hey waiting to read about your weird stuff 🙂

    Hey thanks for stopping by.

    Are you sure, apart from 5 7 all of them match??thats really weird 🙂

    So whites ha.. I think I have written enough about white already :))

    now thats spooky, though that superstition of mine is totally original. Well funny but true …

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