Girls on screen


Everyone has a little bit of celebrity crush. I would say more than the celebrity I seem to end up liking the character more, I think most of people do the same. I kind of assume they take their qualities off screen too. Stupid but true.

She’s Hillary Burton.

Plays Peyton Saywer on One Tree Hill
I think I would have liked this person even if the series would have been a radio show.
As my friend S puts it, my “perfect woman“, her character has almost all the things I would look for in my “Perfect woman
She is extremely vulnerable, soft spoken, in fact less spoken, highly emotional, but still strong to outside world, has a lot of passion in whatever she does, and she is amazingly talented and imaginative.
Is she not perfect?.
But one problem though, she is not real.

She is Deepali,
She is a contestant in Indian Idol
[For people who don’t know, Indian version of hit American series].
She is a little close to real, then Peyton, as she is on a reality show.
Still not sure if she is what I perceive her to be.
She is amazingly simple. She has a very good voice,
More than that, the selection of her songs are amazing. Almost what I would have chosen.
She too gives more importance to lyrics.
When ever behind the scenes has been shown, she is always dressed in pastels.
When she speaks, you can see a right mixture of confidence, insecurity, fear, vulnerability and wildness inside her.
She never comes up with excuses, loved this part of her.

She is Cobie Smulders.
She plays Robin in the comedy “How I met your mother”.
The character of Robin is someone totally opposite to what I like.
She emotes fake emotions,
She hates commitment,
She is in a relationship for all wrong reasons
She has not much regards to feelings.
She wears really bright colors.
Now, who ever came up with theory “Opposites attract”
after Robin, I tend to agree 🙂


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  1. Interesting selection 🙂 – and I know just what you mean, at the moment I’m fascinated by the character played by Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black… Gives Death an appeal I never knew it/he had!

  2. Haha, see. I am visiting your blog. I just don’t get to pop in very often anymore…ya know…life just gets in the way of blogging. 😉

    I don’t really have any celebrity crushes, except for one. Perhaps I will do a post about him one day.

  3. My biggest TV crush at present is Capt Malcolm Reynolds on FireFly. mmmmmmmm… yummy.

    Sadly the show was canceled.

  4. Okay, I admit I have never heard of any of these people!! I feel so out of the loop. But I like the reasons you gave for each of them, makes me think I need to start watching some tv!

  5. @Saumya,
    You were dying to find out, wern’t you ? he he, juicy insight into devils workshop…
    So now you know about the picture I have on my phone…

    @Absolute vanilla,
    Hey nice to see you around,
    Brad pitt ha :)..

    Life getting in way of blogging, thats sad, we’ll miss you around, I guess we will force to find the way back to blogging.

    @cable girl,
    Long time, no see..
    never heard about FireFly

    Hey nice to see you here,
    You may not even notice these people and shows, I kind of have weird taste in people. let me know if you catch up on TV and then find these people interesting.

  6. @Saaya.
    you sound so surprised..
    surprised I liked someone or surprised I liked deepali? 🙂

    Tell me what you observed.. was I hallucinating ?

    Totally.. 🙂

  7. @Rmabler : Surprised bcoz you liked “Deepali” and more ever your interpretations about her .
    Will observer her closely this wkend and then tell you my observations about her :))

  8. Saaya,
    he he did not check Charu 🙂
    Btw what surprised you, so curios what surprised you, I mean what did you find odd about the observation …

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