Weekly randomness report


Have to say week after week, my tryst with randomness seem to never end.
Random Memories.
Have you ever wondered what sparks of memories?. Have you ever out of blue some day start getting bombarded with memories of a certain individual without any reason. I kind of had something like that on Tuesday. There is a very good friend of mine called P, I haven’t spoken to to her in quite some time. Suddenly Tuesday morning, I am on my way to office and somehow I get a thought about her. Now I was wondering what made me remember her, and then continuously any thing I look or hear was somehow getting more of her memories back. I guess its a way of someone signaling me call her up. I have not called her so far, but its really surprising how even a distant friend who has not had real good contact in a while can still remain in your mind.
Did I hear “Friends come and go” somewhere recently.

Random Thought.
When you know a person through his writings, you tend to picture him only through what he has to tell you. I think the picture you might paint of the person might be totally off. I have been writing posts about things which I chose to tell. Now that does not mean there are no other things about me. I kind of use my blogs to let out my frustrations, and ofcourse our life is never without any. When I crib and rant about my work, or people I sometimes leave out a lot of good things about the same. So people might paint a totally wrong picture of me to be an old slouchy grumpy ranting couch potato. I guess I am not most of it 🙂

Random Gratitude.
I have always said I love anonymity, thats the main reason I right without a real name. Again this is totally debatable if it is good or bad. But that’s not the topic here. I have met many people through blog-o-sphere, they have been really kind to me with their patience in reading all the crap I dish out to people. Some of them have liked and felt the things which I have to say and some have liked them too. A little surprising but yes, they have. I really like to thank two of my fellow bloggers who after going through my blogs and comments on theirs, have come up to me with a desire to know a little about real me.

Ireland who writes at The windmills of my mind
The first one to request my email id, in fact she posted her email id, so that I may chose to right her back, If I felt so.

Moushumi who writes at Mishi’s Page
Well a very new blogger friend of mine, only other person to have asked me my orkut id.

Thank you guys, whatever might have prompted you to know the real me, I really liked the gesture.

Random victories.
Small victories bring you so much of happiness. I guess I have a problem of under estimating my abilities and underplaying my part. I have always been guilty of this. I am very skeptical when given a challenge, I Would work on it and struggle too if required, but i remain skeptical. But then when I actually solve the problem, it really makes me happy. Thursday was one such, a small victory but great fun. Wish I get more such days, hearts so selfish.

Random Food Update.
I got to cut down on my food intake, have been eating like crazy these days, this weekend too has been really high on the food front.
Firstly had an amazingly heavy lunch on friday, as a part of my weekly work eatout.
Friday evening was a family eatout at Pizza hut, best thing was finally my mom decided to join us, that has to be the biggest achievement this year so far. She hates eating out.
Friday night dinner was followed by desert at Painted platters, and for people who dont know me, I am totally an ice cream freak.
Saturday morning was Dhokla time, my grand mom is here, so how could I lose the opportunity.
Saturday lunch was a big affair, since my mom was at work, We had the whole kitchen to ourself, we decided to make pasta. and have to say we kind of rocked it. A dry one and a really saucy one, only thing that was missing was wine.
I got to get rid of all the extra pounds I am putting in, I guess I need to double my jogging routine soon.

Random Quotes for the week
I was told by one of my really good friends S.
“You think too much *****!”
And as I write this another quote
“Are you ok?”

And another almost good friend S says.
“You got to rest your poor brain!”
Almost both of them were talking about the same thing, making similar statements, and did somebody say “Great minds…..” 🙂
Both of them are yet to tell me what they mean by that …

Random Regret.
Its been almost two weeks now, I have to go buy some new books. I have been wanting to go out and buy some new ones. somehow my lazy ass is not ready to move. I GOT to do it


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  1. When someone I haven’t seen or thought about for a long time pops into my thoughts, I take it as a pretty clear sign that I need to send them an email or call them. Nothing happens without reason.

    Now, about that eating… Get jogging, Rambler, get jogging! 🙂

  2. So agreed. It has been a while since I have logged on but I want to say that my portrait of you is optimistic and witty.

    I often feel similar – my stories are usually about the tragedies in life: loss, addiction, etc. But that is not how I remember my life.

    I enjoy the random rambling Rambler.

  3. I often think of old friends, and often times when I start thinking of them they somehow end up popping up somewhere. It’s kind of weird. Like one time I was taking a shower and I started thinking about this girl I was best friends with from 7th-8th grade but barely spoke in high school. When I got out of the shower and went back to my room I saw that I had a message on my answering machine and it was that girl. We hadn’t talked in about two years or so at that point besides two random meetings.

  4. @Abosolute vanilla
    Yep need to jog, almost twice as long as I used to 🙂
    I am yet to call my friend P 😦

    Hey long time no see 🙂
    Witty and Optimistic sounds good 😀

    Ah totally understand what you say

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