Colors, me and Myself.


If you guys remember I wrote about my choice of colors in post about weirdness.
I said, “I generally am obsessed with a particular color for my clothes for a period of time. It started with white, moved to grey, then to red, then black now its blue. I go through periods where almost any shirt I like will be of some shade of the same color, and suddenly focus shifts to a new color.
So going by this one my colors have been white—–>gray——>red——->black——>blue.
Now A leading daily had an article about what your colors say about you. I found it really interesting read.

It is the color that is always associated with cleanliness and purity, coldness and peace. It gives off the aura of freedom and openness. However too much white can be cold and isolating or can give headaches and cause eyestrain. White contains all colors of the spectrum, therefore it shows that people who wear white have an optimistic personality

It is the color of individuals, it gives of the impression that you are self- sufficient and have good self control and prefer to be uninvolved. Gray is associated with independence, self-reliance and acts as a shield from influence.
It is the most powerful of all the colors because of its ability to stimulate the heart and improve blood circulation. Red is known for its high arousal in all perspectives of the body for it is a sexy, dynamic. powerful, warm, sensual, determined, courageous, angry, impatient, and ambitious color. Actually, if you make a habit of wearing red it may indicate that you place importance to sexual desire and eroticism.

It is a very powerful color because of its mystery. dominance and the fact that it is them most sophisticated of all the colors. Black is associated with silence, infinite and feminine life force(passive, unchartered and mysterious) It is also associated with mourning . The wearers of black are often strong-willed, opinionated, disciplined and independent.
It can be ether a calming or a depressing color, depending on how much one is surrounded by it. It is also associated with a cool, cleansed, relaxed and accepting feeling. Blue has an direct effect on the autonomic nervous system, which helps calm and soothe humans. Blue wearers are normally quite independent yet feel the need to be surrounded by tenderness love and affection.

So Guys, what color do you like me in ? 🙂


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  1. Most of them are self contradictory… So does that mean that you have all those personalities? I really don’t understand this specific color funda. I would rather say light colors, pastels, bright etc would determine a person’s personality than individual colors themself.

  2. very cool … i used to wear a lot of black, i loved all the different shades, lol … i wear a lot of green and white these days, and brown … actually, i think i’m pretty diverse in my color wearing currently. hmmmmm. 🙂

    p.s. i’ve tagged you for a meme

  3. @Saumya,
    Honestly dont believe in what they say, I guess my character does not change with the color I wear.
    I just wanted to say which color people like on me 😉

    I guess you have diverse personality 🙂

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