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Couple of totally unrelated stuff, An information to share, A question to wonder.

I am not that big of a reader, I guess we all need to start somewhere right. So I did start reading books recently and as the interest grew, the number of books on my shelf grew too.
Recently I recently came across this website called Shelfari. I found it really fun. I sent out invites to all people whose email ID I knew. It would be fun to know the books you people like. If interested catch me at Rambler.

Now the question.

After a long time, I went out on a weekday on Monday with a friend, it was great fun. Being one of the very few people who knows that I am Rambler, she had an interesting question to me. I did have same question some time back and had never thought about it seriously. She asked me.
“How come its only female readers who comment on this blog?”

Statistically speaking she is right, not many male readers comment on this blog, well not sure if there are many male readers either.
On my way back, I was thinking about the probable reasons, this is what I came up with

1. Male readers find the topics I chose, really feminine in nature.
2. My posts have something which In person I don’t seem to have, ability to appeal to opposite sex :).
3. Male readers are too lazy to comment.
4. Naturally opposites attract..

People help me out with some honest reasons you think why I get only female comments
If there are some male lurkers, guys please help me out here 🙂


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  1. i go with 3 !!

    3. MOST Male readers are too lazy to comment.

    i say “MOST” coz u sure not lazy to rite so much..!

  2. My take on it

    1. Most men don’t read !
    2. If they do read, they don’t voice their opinions
    3. If they do voice their opinions, they are hiding behind a woman’s mask !!

    he he.. Now I hope there are no male lurkers in ur page otherwise I might get bombarded 😉 Cos thats what most men enjoy-getting defensive n putting women down !!!!!!!! 😉

  3. My take on this is little different
    When I comment on some post ; gender does not come to my mind. why it should ?
    unless and until the post is specific to certain gender.
    as long as I have a opinion to voice I can comment on any blog irrespective of the gender !! there are many blogs i visit but dont leave the comment bcoz I just dont have anything to comment. In fact I dont even bother to find out the gender !! :))

  4. I think overall too, there’s more female bloggers out there…If you look at my blog roll, I would guess that about 80-85% of them are of the female persuasion…then again, stats was never my strong suit in school.

  5. This post proved my friend absolutely right :), no male comments at all :)…

    not completely true, I do comment on many male blogs, but the problem is not many guys write much, and even if they do its mostly informative blogs, which is more like news to me and generally have nothing to say.

    ha ha, when we like something we can never be lazy to do it right 🙂

    now 1 and 2 what you say I have no answer, I mean yeah may be 🙂
    woman’s mask, now that is fun, just wondering who that could be 😛

    Men are selectively lazy 😉

    I agree with what you say, I am on the same lines too, If I like something I would comment.
    Now the strange thing is why only women have got something to say about my posts 🙂

    Now 1 is scary, got to seriously think about what I write

    now when a women smiles, its dangerous 😉

    yep I have about 20% of male bloggers on my blogroll.. but not may write often nor comment often.

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