A late response


I had posted a simple question few days back, It went as follows..

Do you feel the views expressed in this blog, in my posts are fake, or not completely real?

I have had several answers from my blogger friends on this one, I did not respond to any of those, I was still not sure what I was thinking when I posted this question, and what I myself thought about this..
It all started with me reading few of my own posts, and I was wondering how people perceive my posts, In most of my posts I found few elements either too idealistic or too rebellious, or in general out of norm. It made me wonder, do people dismiss most of them thinking it as unreal. I guess not many thought they were fake. Thanks guys for letting me know.

Jason said…

real.. Maybe coz i would want them to be real and i’d like to believe they are!
But i wont be surprised if you tell me its all fake.

Rambler: This is a little confusing actually, does it mean you kind of doubted the reality behind the posts.
Saumya said…

No, not fake

Rambler: Guess you know too much to think its fake 🙂
DreamCatcher said…

Reality is an illusion……and no body absolutely no body has the right to judge the difference. And at the end, we live in a free country 🙂

Rambler: I almost thought you said “Whatever” :), yes its an illusion, but for others, for the self, I believe it needs to be true to self.
Shreyasi Deb said…

what? why? come on…

Rambler: I guess you now know the why part
Liane said…

Why do you ask? I’m curious now. lol

Rambler: Liane, good to know, I guess finally this one broke your silence 🙂

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said…

The real question is, what do you feel they are?

Rambler: As a reader I would have doubts, as myself I would never doubt any of them 🙂

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  1. When i first got to your blog, which was not very long ago, i had my doubts. I am, now, about a month old here, and i do not think that way anymore. Virtual Ramblings is a favourite blog now.

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