I got schmooze-ighted


My good blogger friend silverneurotic has given me yet another blogger first, my first blogger community award. I have been awarded the “The power of schmooze”.

Actually I had not heard of this award, and with my poor vocabulary first thing I had to do was to look up what schmooze means.
Answers.com says
schmooze or schmoose also shmooze Slang.
To converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection.

According to silver,
this is an award to celebrate those bloggers who not only write awesome blogs, but also are the friendly type who enjoy commenting on other’s blogs, reply to their comments, etc

Now thats a compliment right. I hope so, it should not be an indicator of joblessness, not only a blogger is jobless enough to right blogs but also write and reply to comments..
just kidding..

I know how much I enjoy reading what people write and also let people know what I think about the same. When someone has cared enough to let me know what they think about my posts, how can I chose not to respond.

Now the difficult part, the part where I pass on the award to five other fellow bloggers. There have been so many friendly, passionate bloggers around, who really care about my posts as well as their opinion. Now to chose five among them is really difficult. This does not mean others dont have the power of schmooze. Its just my choice at this moment.

1. Daisies
She has been one awesome of a blogger and a great commenter. Thing I loved about her was that, its always is easy to appreciate the work someone does, but, when it comes to pointing little issues not many have the courage. I used to put up photos without crediting the artist. Daisies being an artist herself was sweet enough to let me know the mistake I was making and made me realize how bad it feels for an artist when their art is not credited. I really liked that she cared so much.
One little complaint though, she never replies to comments :), guess she is really busy and with that many people commenting its tough too.

2. Saaya
I have never met her personally, like most of the people whom I have known through the blog. What I like about her is that, she is honest in her comments, and I guess one of the only few readers who makes an effort to see what I responded to her comments. I love this aspect of hers. This shows she really wants to know what the other person feels.

3 Liane,
She is one the best lurkers you can ever find, she hardly comments on my blog, but I have a feeling she does read every one of them. Once I had written about lurkers who dont comment and she honestly wrote to me that she is one such. She posts mainly about what she feels and is really short and amazingly honest.

4. Saumya
Now guys, knowing how boring she can find things, the fact that she almost reads whatever crap I dish out, is a proof that she has an awesome power of smooze, though not so passionate about replying to comments and writing replies, I know whats her intent.. so for this one is for her latent power.

5. silverneurotic
I so much want to give this back to silver, she has been on hell of a friendly blogger for such a long time, she cares what you write about, and makes sure she replies to your comment, I know how hard it is for her, with all the night shifts she has to do. But she still makes sure to check my blog often and let me know what she feels like.

Guys Congrats!


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  1. You make a good point. It’s great to get comments and return in exchange. I’ve met some interesting folks and found writing I wouldn’t have stumbled upon otherwise.

    Izzy Rose

  2. OMG !! What I m reading this ?

    Thanks a tonn Rambler :)))

    P.S. have u met other bloggers personally btw ?? 😛 😛

  3. @Izzy rose,
    Hey thanks for commenting..
    It really feels great to listen to what people have to say..

    funny 🙂


    I guess sound of silence deserved it :)..
    nope apart from very few friends who know me before I started this blog, not many have met me in person. Guess we know people better this way 😛

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