Week, and its randomness


Random Knowledge
Its strange how simple conversations can bring upon great insights into knowledge. One of my uncles had come home, and we were casually discussing, a topic of death came up, one of our relatives had died. He was quite old and he died all of a sudden when he had been to a saloon to get his hair done. Apparently his father too had did without suffering. My uncle quoted an Indian philosopher “A persons greatness[spiritual/karma] can be always seen in his death“. Not many people get the opportunity to die a peaceful death, I have seen people suffering heavily, being bed ridden. unable to even do their daily duties, depending on others for everything. Its a really difficult for the person and the people who need to take care of them. The worst part is the feeling of the dependency that kind of hurts apart from the suffering.
I guess the statement is really true, people who have peaceful death have done something really great.

Random Quotes.
Let me try to provide a little build up before the actual quote. The last week had been a little relaxing work wise, has been long since I had this time off, and my friend at work has been having a really tough fortnight, with lots of work. This one day last week, after a long session of discussion which had both of us, I come out and claimed, “I have a terrible headache, but I need to review your code”. He replies back
“Hey take a nap, I am feeling guilty” and a short pause
I thought he is feeling guilty for giving me a headache, he continues
I am feeling really guilty of robbing myself of some sleep.”
This is a statement made at 4 pm on a really busy day, that too when I accidentally wake him up to tell I am struggling to review his code.
This really cracked me up, knowing how serious he is about his work, I simply could not resist a big smile on my face.

I seem to have developed into a strange species. One of my friends says to me “Oh man, you are so diffi to understand“, I had really no clue about this, a little surprised though 🙂

Random Happenings
Recently not sure what has changed about me, what vibes I am giving out, may be I am somehow projecting I am unhappy about certain people, am I?
Its happened at least thrice with one friend, once today with my another, they are offering me apologies. I am not sure if they should, nor sure about did it need one.
A little confusing.

Random musings
Finally I fulfilled my dad’s wish of a DTH service, Today we got a new DTH connection, two people had come to install the dish and to do the concealed wiring of the digital cable. Now the surprise was they was a guy and a girl. I have seen people of all gender work in many professions, but physical work, had not seen much women being an electrician, or cable guy.
Looks like India has finally found the real meaning of equality.
BTW my mom was really happy that I brought her a small FM player, she had been asking mine [which had been long lost, and she does not believe that]. She thought today was parents day, I got both of them what they wanted. Pleasant surprise 🙂

Random rant
For people how know me, its not surprising that I don’t speak much on telephone, I generally use it to just give/ask the information. For a person like me imagine to be on call for 5 hours straight, it happened on Saturday, a work related call stretched for 5 hours. It has happened before, just once when I was on a call which ran for 9 hours, but then this one was on a Saturday, with my mind totally off work. Tough luck 😦

Random Foody
This weekend was not foody after along time, I did go out on Friday night, but very little food, and then Saturday and Sunday have been really light on food. Looks like I am all set for a heavy food week soon 😉

Random signs
If you guys remember I was talking about random memories last week, and how I was getting memories of a certain friend P. Suddenly she sent me an email yesterday, telling me she has lost my number, and asking If I could send it again, she’s planning to call me sometime coming week, cool right 🙂
*wondering, does she have my blog link??, wow that’s dangerous!*

Random regrets
I have been very harsh on my juniors at work last week, both with my reluctance to help them and choice of words, I know I was wrong doing that, but I wanted them to learn, I didn’t want them to take the easy way out and just get the work done from us, I kind of gave them directions to solve a problem, where to look for, and where to find information. I could have solved the problem and given them the information myself, but I didn’t. I wanted them to learn the hardway so that they will surely learn. You could hear me saying, what happened to all the trainings I gave, shouldn’t you have googled this out?. I am sure they would have thought how big a jerk I am.
I guess we got to draw the line, if they are not learning on their own, we got to take few steps.


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  1. You have a very interesting blog. I like it when a blog is written raw and fluidly with whatever one thinks or feels at that moment of writing it — the essence of a blog and blogging — self-expression. Thank you for the pleasure of reading your work.

  2. @Rambler : Wow i am sure you are nice son :))
    I truely believe in what KJo Says
    “life is all about loving your parents !! ” :)))

    btw which DTH u got ? tell me how it is working .

  3. I finally sat down to read the whole of it at one go…How wonderful, A Parents’ Day? and a telepathic phone call from an old friend? I am j, Rambler, I am 🙂
    I love your random series, keep feedign us with more..

  4. @Saumya
    he he when you are bored, nothing much to do, believe me, you can surprise yourself on things you can think about 😛

    Hey thanks, nice seeing you around.
    wow you make my blog sound awesome 😛

    nope I dont believe what kjo says :).. he he
    I am more of the selfish types, life is all about loving yourself…
    I got tata sky, still in awe of it though, so will be totally biased when I claim its too good.

    oooh, didnt know people find my blogs so long to read,
    really are they very long 🙂

    Hey you like random stuff??

    looks like many people like to read these random stuffs

  5. My grandmother passed away very peacefully. She talked on the phone with her niece, joking around the whole time then laid down for a nap and never woke up. Probably one of the best ways to go I suppose. She was a very good person.

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