Memory, as old as it can get


I was just wondering, today when I think back, whats the earliest memory I can get to. I wanted to see what is that, which I remember about me even till today, and how early I can get.

The oldest memory I have of myself is when I used to be in preschool. I remember that I used to attend a preschool which used to about four streets from my house, my dad had arranged for a three wheeler transport, for picking and dropping me from the pre-school. I used to not like the transport and always wanted to walk to school, one of the main reasons for walking was that there used to be lines of shops from my house till my school, and I could demand whoever I went with to buy me a chocolate.

The only thing I remember about the school is the lunch break, we used to have a long corridor like space in front of the classroom, where we they used to make us sit, we used to open the small lunch boxes and have snacks. There used to be a friend of mine in those days, [believe it or not, I am still in contact with him, I met him again in my 11th grade and know him since]. Why I remember him of all the people is, during lunch break, we all used to eat lunch from boxes, except for him. His grandma used to get his lunch every day, and being the designated friend, I used to get extra sweets from her, almost everyday.

One day, apparently my three wheeler had not come to pick me up, and the brave me decided to go home alone. I agree that traffic used to be a lot lesser couple of decades back, but for a 4 year old kid, crossing major streets was not simple. Well I made it home safe, but my mom took real good care of me, she scolded me so much, I guess thats my earliest of memories of me getting into trouble. My grandma still reminds me of this incident once in a while

Apparently one of those days my dad was late from work, and my mom was waiting for him anxiously. Television was such a big influenced even back then, supposedly I tried to console my mom by saying, “don’t worry, at the most what could have happened, he might have died in an accident”, not what followed was just “A big tight slap” :), My mom still remembers this one.

My dads earliest memory of me, is of him taking me to a carnival, as they were short of time, they decided to pack the eatables home, I believe, and once we were back, both my parents went to change, once they were done with changing clothes, they realized I was missing, they started to search all around in the house, and finally found me in the kitchen, gulping on the food, and he says you were a foodie at even 3.

So guys what memories do you have of your childhood, how early can you get???


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  1. I think my earliest memory is from when I was about three. I used to have a Cookie Monster poster in my closet. Did I mention that my closet was a hiding place? Anyway, we moved from that house when I was about 3 1/2 and I have a vivid memory of that poster.

  2. Such a sweet post! Am coming to your city to celebrate foodie-ism!

    any tagging on that? 🙂
    I still haven’t done your weird ones :-p

  3. LOL at your consoling your mother!!!

    One of my earliest memories is mum taking me to playschool and me biting the aayah’s hand to get her to release me so I could go running back to mum. I seem to remember her hands tasted bitter. :-p

  4. I dont remember much from my childhood days …somehow 😦

    it was fun reading this post …nd I am sure I will not be able to meet or recognise any of the friends from my childhood …they are not even on orkut :X

  5. One of my earlier memories was around 2.5.. There was a get together at my house and I was asked to show my prowess at reciting (shlokas) verses of hymns and rhymes. I was told that I will be photographed… if I recite well. My cousin started clicking the camera as I started reciting.. As I went on.. so did the clicking.. I was being urged to keep going on.. and so was the clicking.. I got suscpicious with the clicks.

    I confronted him asking .. has he put in something into the camera which needs to be put (did not know that it was called Film) or was he just clicking the flash away.. I called his bluff, I guess.. Looks like the basis of my present interest in photography was sowed then..

  6. @Cablegirl
    cookie monster ha, actually I didnt know what it was had to google it out 🙂

    why inappropriate?

    thank you :)…
    really coming down?, let me know where you are planning to stay, I can suggest you few things to try..

    I know, my grandma still makes fun of that incident to my mom.

    well, then i think its time for you to make new memories 🙂

    Ah I know that photo trick, as a kid I was very good at singing film songs and devarnamas, [which I still cant believe], they used to make me sing, forget about the film, I was dumb enough to believe any damn black box as camera.

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