Should I just ‘be’ or should I want the ’become’.


This has been like this for quite some time,
Not that this is something new,
After all these years,
A questions still remains in my mind,
Why do I do it,

Lots of things change,
Friends grow apart,
People loose touch,
Relationships detour,

Novelty brought people closer,
Similarity bred friendship,
Attraction led to relations,
Affection kept people in touch,

Sometimes, It makes me wonder,
Why not take the next step?,
Is this time to take the risk?,
Should I look beyond?

Then the thought shifts,
Makes me think about the stopper,
Not that, I am afraid of commitment,
Then, what is it,
What is it that, I am afraid of risking,
Wish I knew the answer.

When In doubt, chose the shell,
My moto seems to be simple.
Close the doors, also the windows,
Not to stop yourself, just to stop others.
Give yourself a breather,
Breather so you can think.

The dilemma resurfaces,
Am I afraid of losing the ‘Be’
Or afraid of the ‘Become’
Should I just ‘Be’
or Should I want the ’Become’.

Inspired by a post by Dreamcatcher


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  1. @Jason,
    I am not sure why you removed your comment, I simply loved what you had to say, I mean yes I agree we sometimes just want the gust of wind to chose which direction we fall, but what if we reach the end of the wall before the wind takes its decision.

    I love it when people can twist words, I would love the be to become, but then what if it is not..

    actually I missed out crediting you on this post, I was equally inspired by almost relationships on this one

    but the problem is when and how. “be” – ” becomes”

  2. hummm….change is only constant ….the water when stops moving accumalates lots of dirt and loses its purity …is our soul is different than this ???

  3. @Saaya,
    This is more about dilemma, when we got to choose the time where we take the step between the be and the become,
    sometimes we have to chose between the riskfree be and an unknown become.

  4. changes and going with the flow should be accepted with joy. Nothing is constant except change.

    Welcome to PT.

  5. @Gautami:
    Nice to see you around here,
    This was not about choosing change, it was more about the time to choose, when you got to chose, when you got to remain happy with the current.

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