My online life.


One of the biggest complaints at my home these days it that, I am spending way too much time on my computer, well they are totally true when they say this.
When my parents see me with my computer, they assume that I am working. unfortunately I do tend to work from home during weekdays and weekends. Anyways that’s a total different subject.

I always keep my room door open when I am working on my comp, unless someone has come home, or I am taking a conference call. My dad has interesting way of checking out what I do, he kind of walks near my door, and invariably I would gaze at the entrance, he gets self conscious, tries to behave as if he was searching for something and leaves, he does this like two three times to just see what mood I am in, If I finally give in to my anger and frown at him asking what he wants, he makes some comment and leaves, otherwise after third or fourth check, he enters my room courageously and tries to look at my screen thinking what the hell I do all the time.

My mom on the other hand, keeps a safe distance from me, I have no clue what she is afraid of when I am on my computer, she kind of hands me coffee from a distance, and tries to tell me what she wants to from the door itself, I think she has serious doubts what I browse on the Internet :). Just kidding, she always assumes I am stressed out, and I kind of take advantage of this, so no walks up till kitchen to fetch coffee, or snacks in between. When I occasionally walk up to kitchen to put back the cups, she asks me hesitantly “why do you have to work on weekends”, I would have just finished a post, or read my google reader and would have walked there, with hard to control laughter, I would say, “some work had to be done”, trying to maintain straight face and get back.

Now coming back to my original problem of why I spend too much time on my system. I thought I would make a list of things I use my computer for.

1. I kind of hate the content on TV these days, so I tend to download stuff from the Internet to watch, and I have my own set of DVDs mostly TV content which I like to watch, I chose to watch them on computer, so most of times, you can see me with my headphones on watching stuff.

2. I kind of have my reader full of feeds, I like to read and comment on most of these stuff, which takes most of my free time, and times when I am done with the feeds, I check out new bloggers at and dcblogs.

3. I spend some time thinking what I will be blogging and actually writing them, well I spend a lot of time related to blog these days.

4. I like to catch up with some of my net buddies, my real buddies on various IM, now that they are just an IM away, why not talk to them.

5. I spend equal amount of time working on spill over stuff from work, almost end up spending at least couple of hours to finish off the things which I could not finish because of some meetings or the other.

6. If I still have some time left, before my sleep takes me over, I end up browsing latest TV
shows on, pictures on, and movies on planning what to watch next


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  1. That sounds just about right for me as well, except I don’t have that excuse of doing work for my job. Maybe I shall get a job where I’ll have to use the computer…or heck, go back to school.

  2. @Silver
    so you too…

    ah thats a cool concept.. btw thought you had stopped checking blogs, didnt see a comment from a long time..

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