Random Randomness #31


I started writing posts about random things from the week some time back, actually it was more of a collage of small little things which happen during a week, I did not know I will end up making a series of it, but then so many things happen in a week, I think its nice to collate all of them together, at the end of it. Its more like giving myself a highlights of things which amused me.

Random guilt:
Why is that, we always want something which we don’t have, and give less response to things which already do. I know its something which is very common, and widely discussed and accepted fact that we never give importance to what we already have, and also that it is wrong.
But then at least over three occasions over this week I found myself wanting something when I did not enjoy what I had. I was really disgusted at myself in retrospect. I have been guilty of feeling sad over a person whom I have lost touch with things I could have done with my spare time, and my sleep patterns over the weekdays. All three cases, one thing common, I forgot what I have. Wonderful people I am in touch with, my hobbies which I pursue in the little time I have and the sleep time I get myself during weekends.

Random Quotes:
Of all the random things that happen over the week, random quotes are the ones which I enjoy them most. This week seem to be one for advice on marriage, its funny how people tend to advice you, when they themselves have no clue about that, or have never learnt the true meaning.
On my way back from work, one of my co workers brought up the usual argument that I will understand certain things only after marriage. To this one of the guys says
It’s always better to marry in young age
To which I promptly ask
Why?, whys that?
He replies
There will not be any pressure
I could not help but smile, what on earth did he mean by pressure, I was in a pretty bad mood, other wise I would have asked him, pressure to do what…

I had my uncle who had come over my house, and he is quite old and naturally does not like some of the things our generation does, unfortunately he has not seen much of our generation because his son studied in the united states and lives there with his family, now that they are over here he gets to see some of the things we do. He has formed an opinion that whatever he is seeing now, is because of the changes his son has been forced to make. He tells me.
This is not something you guys would ever want, all these are things which women of the house want, and you guys are forced to oblige, we should never change“..
all this is being told to my dad, and I sat right across my uncle. he turns towards me and says
be. careful
both my dad and myself just went off, huge guffaw…

Random Happenings:
You know when you are over worked when you…
See a song on MTV from the movie “Hum Tum”, and try to read the song title..
Read “gore gore” as “gcore gcore”
[gcore is a utility to collect core images of running processes]
And then instead of realizing that you have misread, try to remember which is this new song which you don’t know about.

Random observations:
Throughout this week, I had an urge to talk to people when I get bored, so I used to login to the messenger at work and see whom I can trouble, it almost boiled down to two people all the time, and then I would open my talk with an “hi” and then go totally blank. I had absolutely no clue on what topic I should talk about. I would just hope that the other person somehow brings up a topic for the conversations, and the most awkward part of the whole thing would be the long pauses with neither of us knowing what we are talking about. Funny me.
So you two guys, whom I have troubled a lot this week, I would just say, hope the next week I will have something to say when I open the IM 🙂

Random Foodies:
This amazingly turned out to be not so foody weekend, I Didn’t not eat out any of the three days, yes Friday is weekend for me :).
Oh Wait almost forgot, went our Thursday night for dinner with few friends, amidst all the work madness, we decided to try out the new pita place that one of my friends discovered. We had an amazing feast of hummus, pita, falafel and some other kind of pita.

Random Fun:
I was planning to meet a friend of mine today, and we both were having trouble deciding which cafe to meet at, after a couple of options, I asked her if she wanted to do something else, and innovative she is, came up with this brilliant idea of going for a walk. Never ever I could have come up with such a thing to do, when you meet your friend. So we decided to take a walk in one of the oldest parks in Bangalore. So there we were walking around a lake for more than a hour, talking the walk, and walking the talk. It was so much fun.

Random pastime:
This weekend was totally dedicated to movies, so many in one weekend.
Ice age: the meltdown on Friday evening
Shrek 2 on Saturday morning
Class[1983] an old movie on Saturday afternoon
Malena Italian movie on my comp Saturday night
Still two more to watch “The notebook” “In the land of women

Random Decision:
I have decided to stop reading “Life of a pi”, somehow I am not able to motivate myself read this anymore, I am not that big a fan of descriptive writing, I found this little too much to read.

And I almost forgot
Wish you all a very happy friendship day.


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  1. The fact that you are not raving about “the Life of Pi” makes you my favourite person today. Seriously. Everyone raves about it, and I just can’t get into it. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  2. Another nice wrap up !! I am kind of look forward to read ur weekend randomness 😛 😛

    it reminds me my “weekly status report” 😀 😀 😀 jst kidding !!

  3. @Brandy
    Hey nice seeing you around.
    yep I am not so sure about others, i found the style a little boring, I am not much into descriptive writing.

    ah now thats a compliment 🙂
    so how about you posting status reports for us to read once .. :0

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