Things I dont write about.


Guys I am back, I must say it was a very short hiatus [If I am allowed to call it that].
As far as my short trip, I am may write in detail, a little later, am still collating my thoughts about the experience.

If you guys remember I had asked about whats things which you don’t blog about,
I guess Laura got the intention totally right, it was all about things which I shy away or have inhibitions writing about, and then overcoming it.

I was thinking of all the things which I don’t write about, and the reason that might be behind my inhibitions, so here is what I thought I haven’t attempted so far.

1. Nature,
Apart from a post I wrote about rain, I have not written much about the nature in general. Even the post about the rain was what I like about other things associated with rain, not describing rain in any ways. I find it extremely difficult to express nature, say for example, flowers, sky, sunset, beach etc.
I feel that may be this is because I never read much of descriptive writing, I don’t appreciate poetry of that kind also that much. May be I should start doing this.

2 Romance,
I seem to be really unromantic, I always have issues with reading/writing something which is really mushy, real or fiction both cases, I was reading one of the posts by my fellow blogger, and it made me realize how much uncomfortable I am with romance.
I am still not sure why it is that way, may be I am not used to it, or may be I feel romance as something really private, or may be I am a bit hypocritical with this point.

3. Bangalore.
I do not write much about Bangalore the city, there’s so much unique and weird [in an interesting way] about my city, I somehow seem to have ignored this all along. I guess I need to start capturing the fun associated with Bangalore city.

4. Lyrics.
Even thought Initially I used to post lyrics of some English songs I liked, I have kind of stopped doing that. There are enumerable hindi/kannada/english songs whose lyrics are to die for, I think I should start putting them up.
I felt somewhere that putting lyrics kind of broke the flow in my blog, so i stopped doing that, I guess I should start a new blog for just the lyrics i like and which made me think.

5. Anatomy
I am not a biology student, I think I never liked it in my high school when I had to study. Its more because I found discussing body parts of any species a little awkward, I think that stayed on.
I generally feel a little awkward about reading/writing something about body parts, even other commonly funny things about human body. Even the related humour I find it really icky.

Last but not the least, as many others I am not so comfortable writing about S Word, I am totally being honest here in saying I do read people who have written about it, and I have never felt embarrassed reading it, just not comfortable writing the same. I really appreciate the openness and boldness of people who do it, by S word I don’t mean the act itself, I am talking about the sexuality in general, things like the excitement, appeals and passion,

Okay now the difficult stuff, trying to overcome the inhibitions, It might take some time, and few I may not be able to overcome at all, but I think I will start trying to work on these topics.


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  1. things i dont blog about – things that might hurt the readers who i know personally. hah.

    sometimes, i wished that i had started an anonymous blog. it would have been easier that way. oh well. it’s too late now…

  2. i can blog about anythin i want.. i happen to camouflage things well and the comments i get often may not even be relevant to what i’m trying to say and when that happens, i pat myself on my back n tell myself, “good job”… till date, there has been only one post i wrote which I was not able to make public cos it was too personal n it lies as a draft in my blogger account till date n of course i’m not telling u wat it was about cos then i might as well have just posted it which i do not intend to do…..

    n jos, i have to agree with you. I changed my blog url once and the thot of changing it completely to anonymity is always at the back of my mind… don’t think i’ll ever do it tho:)

  3. @Jos,
    I agree with the anonymous part of yours, that was the main reason I started writing anonymously.
    But there are few personal inhibitions which I find tough to overcome.

    what about things which you shy away from writing.

    Long time no c[omment] 🙂
    ah I love the camouflage too, but a small twist, I love it when people can uncover the mask and understand the real feeling.

  4. Rambler
    It was easier than I thought. Just needed a push – and that was you. I am taking your next challenge (if that is how you intended it) and am writing about subject matter that I have been to sheepish to cover. Considering that I have written about rape, abortion, and abuse, it shouldn’t be that hard huh? … I have been practicing writing about love for 3 days. No go yet.

  5. @Laura
    you’re right thats what I intended, it need not be something taboo or serious like abortion etc, sometimes I cannot get myself to write on some really common things like nature.
    I am sure when you really come up with the post on romance it would be great 🙂

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