Wish it was easy!


Wish it was easy,
As easy they show in movies,
The first look, the first smile,
A little reluctance, A little pursuit,
Throw in few more days,
There you have a hit,
A willing lady and a more than happy gentleman,
Romance at its best,
Love easily conquered.

A rare attraction,
Was it beauty or brains?,
No time to think.
Days together to move forward from a Hi,
More conversations, a little respite,
Just when you think, “ah, there she is!”,
Mind kicks in, logic rules the self,
Attraction, whats that really?,
Love, does it really exist?.
Movies appear fake,
Illusions, that’s what Love’s become.

The feeling of getting stuck,
but, An urge to move forward,
Thoughts of non-existence
but, with hopes for a future endeavor.
How is it going to end, no clue.
Which side am I gonna take, no idea.
Am I gonna conquer, or end up being conquered.
The question remains…..

Wish it was easy!


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  1. love huh? i just realised… day b4… that there is no such thing as love! its a lie we all tell ourselves to cover up for the emotional stuff we from the person… love is yet another version of the selfish behaviour that our selfish selves represent…there, i finally did it… i just uncoded love for u 🙂 altho u are not bound to agree

  2. @Anju
    guess you are right, at this point of time I choose to not agree with you, but then I have no clue, no experience nor the feeling as to how it is, may be some realizations later I may really find out If I agree or not.

    whats mon ami 🙂
    sorry could not decipher…

  3. Rambler, ‘mon ami’ is ‘my friend’, referring to male friend, in French; in Spanish, it would have been ‘mi amigo’. ‘Mon amie’ and ‘mi amiga’ respectively for ‘my (female) friend’. In French, the possessive adjective agrees with the gender of the subject, except, since the language is so lyrical, when it breaks the flow of the sentence. So ‘Ma’ Soeur (my sister) but ‘Mon’ Amie (my female friend).

    Sorry, Ginger Girl!

  4. @Ginger
    ah my friend :)…Mon amie

    Ah thanks for the helps :)..

    Hey nice to see you in here,
    and Thanks :)…

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