Random Randomness #32


Random Apology:
I have been wanting to do this all this week, apologize for the inconsistency in my blogging all this week, haven’t been honest with myself, have been not regular in replying to comments and more importantly not writing what I feel like, I mean I have chosen to skip some of the things which should have been here, I would like to apologize to all you guys and to myself for being lazy and a little out of mood all this week.

Random moments:
Today I got to witness something very small, something very real, something really sweet, a couple fighting all through the travel. Now that I don’t want to give out much details about these two [Am sure some can guess easily] let me not mention their names. Lets call them Kt and Pt.

Now Pt was the one who had the steering most of the trip and Kt was trying to help her out. Now in a journey of around 4 hours, Kt must have asked Pt atleast 20 times if he should be the one driving, I could see Pt getting irritated, almost till the point of snapping, and then again she would cool down. It was really fun, getting a rear seat view of this on going episode. Now the best part of the episode was how much ever Kt argued, just when the argument heated up he used to retract and kind of reason out a little later. I liked his way of handling, let the matter cool down and then bring out his point. I know it was not a real fight, nor it was a serious argument, but I kind of liked it.

And a little cheezy it may sound, Pt made a statement at the end, “My choice was correct”, I think I agree with her, her choice was indeed correct, I must admit some time back I might have had doubts, but then last few days have made me believe that you did chose right.
Oh the choice she made, choosing “right” at a junction.

Random foodies:
Yet again, my weekend was filled with rich food.
Friday, unique lunch, a little healthy, a little indulgent lots of fun, Italian but supposedly healthy
Friday dinner was planned with cousins which ended up canceled, but went out with couple of friends. Excellent starters, and decent food. I like this place where we went, have been there before, its just looks straight out of a Sanjay leela bhansali movie.
Saturday lunch was at an uncle’s place, good and rich south Indian food, with couple of nice dishes,
Saturday dinner was yet again outside, 10 people, 3 kids, and lots of laughs, love these family dinners, I guess the best money I spent over the weekend.
Sunday not much foodie, but ended with a nice bowl of home made gajar ka halwa.
All In all total foodie weekend,.

Random comments:
Its really strange to realize how others perceive you, most of the times I end up being surprised and even shocked sometimes. This was one such occasion.
My cousins wife telling, my other cousin and his wife
Situation: Other cousin’s kid being cranky toward fag end of the day, and trying to sleep with his legs all over me at a public place.
Comment : “Hey, don’t worry, my daughter [4 year old] has trained Rambler well, he can easily put up with cranky kids and make them quiet.”
Now this was a surprise, me and cranky kids 🙂

Random Quotes:
Something which caught my eye today on post secret
There are two kinds of secrets: Those we keep from others, and the ones we hide from ourselves
Sometimes, secretly I enjoy, life

Random discomfort:
The Italian place I went to on Friday had interesting crowd, all hip and elite. We were 4 people including me, 2 other guys and one female, the female is a little older compared to me.
The crowd there was a little too much high on fashion, and as per current definition of fashion, hip means odd clothes, deeper necks, shorter sleeves, thinner material, lower waists and shorter skirts. I would be not completely honest, if I say I didn’t take a glance or two at the these little hip-ly clad women. But shortly my mind took over, and I started to feel discomfort, especially with a woman accompanying us. Somehow, at the end, I was left with a feeling of being a hypocrite and guilt.


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  1. This is your blog, so I don’t think you should really apologize about writing or not writing…and what you write about. Even I have days where I just don’t want to write, or, I write about stuff that’s less personal than normal because I just don’t feel as though I want to disclose stuff that’s going on in my personal life.

  2. Silver,
    Actually I was sorry because i wanted to write at the same time lazy on some days and on some days a little too casual and didnt manage to make time to write. It was not about disclosing things..

    aren’t they called “hip” 🙂

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