Siblings are fun


Growing up alone is not much fun, there are so many things you miss out on. I know that there are many things, not so good on the other side of the picture, but I was wondering about things, which I think, I missed growing up without a sibling.

Sharing the room,
I am sure not many people with siblings will agree with me on this one, I think I missed sharing my room, even though growing up, for long time I didn’t have a room for myself, I shared the one with my parents, and then had to settle for the living room. What I meant by sharing the room, is sharing the living space with a fellow human being is fun. The fact that I never shared my room, never stayed in a hostel, nor during my years of working, has still kept the desire to share the room high.

I have had my share of fights with my cousins, but there is something which I find attractive about fighting with sibling, its like the most harmless fights you get to see, with really no harm meant to either side, for silliest of things, and for funniest reasons siblings fight. There is something sweet about this. All the harmless swearing, painless punches and fun-full pokings are the ones I miss.

I kind of like buying gifts for people close to me, who better than a sibling. I would have to admit would have loved an younger sister to pamper or even an older one to totally take care of me. I do care for both ways, receiving and giving small little tokens, kind of cheesy, filmy but really cool.

I am a big fan of protectiveness, I would really not mind someone owning me, totally protective of me, and trying to safeguard my every step. Sounds crazy eh?. I think its good. Same way I wouldn’t have minded to do the same to someone else, elder or younger to me. Its kind of shows the interest and care someone does have for you. I know its a lot easy for me to say, without knowing the problems of people who hate being overlooked. But still somewhere I like the idea.

Just today I was talking to a friend, about mistakes I have made by not listening to my parents, there are so many things which I cannot talk to my parents about, nor they would be the right people, I would need someone who is not much away from my age group, may be a little older who has gone through the same problems, I guess their experience would really help. In the same way my experience would help someone who is younger and going through the same path as me.

Teaming up
Most of my early memories of my associations with my cousins, are about the fun we had ganging up, the things we enjoyed as a team, I just cant imagine the fun we would have had if we had a small gang like that for ever at home, things I could have got away with, wicked plans we could have come up with, and games we would have played together. Miss the feeling of a team.

To add to all this, Things like someone to bully, someone to blame on, someone to mislead, fun you find in torturing, lots and lots more.


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  1. Well, with the exception of the first two (I’ve never shared my room, and I HATE fights)…I think you’ve hit it on the nose why having siblings is nice. I’m sorry you were never able to experience that, cousins are good, before I had siblings I depended on my cousins…but it’s just NOT the same unless they live in the same household.

  2. I miss the teaming up of childhood. I never had the one in family sense of it, but I had the friends who did. As kids everything was done as a team, when your older everything is just meeting up as if the friendship itself is part of a checklist of things to do for the day.

  3. The biggest challenge for an only child is when parents get old and their care is a real issue with nobody to share with.

    But as experience goes, too many kids do not divvy up responsibility; it is just more than 1 kid making the aging parent feel unwanted. There are bickerings about who spent what money and when; disagreements about where the parent should live; arguments over who will have what when the said parent dies. There are aspersions of favouritism, blame games and so on. I have seen these in many flavours in Indian families, yes, the same we tout to the world as being the origin of family values. What horse-manure!

    I love my siblings, despite their accusations of favouritism, but in my next birth, if there is one, I want to be an only child. Then I can simply have my parents stay with me with no jhagda over who will do what bit for them.

    PS: I post here sometimes but I would rather not use my real name. It will offend my family big time…

  4. @Silverneurotic,
    I enjoy the harmless fights, I think they are fun :), and sharing too, I totally agree with you, cousins are fun, but its not really same isnt it.

    @Throwing roses.
    Teams are fun right, Its so much fun to enjoy things in groups. hmm friendships somehow I dont agree, I have a very small groups of friends,and I do care about them a lot.

    @Only mouse.
    I respect your decision for privacy…
    I think I agree with you on the problems you have mentioned, and from parents side of view its lot more easier and less hurting to have just one child.
    But childhood perspective, I would still like to believe I missed out on many things.
    Thanks for letting me know your view, even though you had to chose anonymity.

  5. I can’t believe I missed visiting here! Bad, bad hostess!

    I wasn’t close to my own brother and sister, but I can see some of these things from my own kids!

    If you wouldn’t mind.. could you send me your email so I can add it with my other meme stuff?

  6. @skittles
    Glad you liked this,
    I have sent you my email id.

    Do you miss your siblings now?, do you still feel like you could have missed a lot without them, even though you guys didnt get along well?

  7. siblings can be a pain sometimes. the things they do that gets you. sometimes, you just want to hit them. sometimes, you just want them to shut up. but most the time, i have to agree, siblings are fun =) i cant imagine life without my sisters and my brother.

  8. @Jos,
    Dont you find it fun to hit them or make them shut up 🙂
    these are small things which you would miss as you grow older

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