Lets talk about beginnings


Gavin Degraw sang Follow through something like this
Oh, this is the start of something good Don’t you agree?

In more than one occasions I have totally agreed with him, I have seen and felt myself getting a start to so many beginnings. Somewhere over time I have developed liking for this small little beginnings, or things which I perceive to be one. I believe our life runs in periods, whose lengths varies, sometimes predictably and sometimes totally erratic. The question is, Do they really have beginnings?, I think they don’t, I guess periods themselves do not have beginnings instead they are made up of lot of starts which together constitute a period.

Beginnings are starts agreed, but do they mark the ends too?, are all beginnings end of something else?, should something end to make way for the new beginnings, I would like to believe no. I am very greedy when it comes to life, I would always want things to begin but not the old things to end, In the bargain I am ready to accept never ending bad things. I would love starts to be tag-along to my present, I think we have enough space in ourselves to accept lots of starts without ending whats going on. This might leave me guilty of living with the past, but to be frank I don’t care. I love my past as much as my present and my future.

So who is the one, who instruments these beginnings,one who is responsible to look for these starts, to recognize the need for it, and create opportunities for them. I guess I have mixed view over this one, I strongly believe it should be you, yourself, who should think of beginnings, but then I guess I would love to be that person for my friends and family, in fact even to strangers, who though not known to you, are traveling the same boat as you. Going by this, I would not mind my friends and family thinking to provide me ideas for beginnings. Sometimes It need not be even human, a place you visit, a dish you discover, a movie you watch, a book you read, or even lyrics of a song can bring about beginning. If you believe in something called fate, and some strong beliefs like religion, god, etc can also drive these beginnings.

Now the most difficult part of beginnings according to me, is recognizing that you have begun, in a strange way I love this aspect of it, somewhere down the journey you realize you have started one, isn’t this fascinating?, I have never recognized beginning of great friendship, or a strong liking, a big affection, a strong belief, until, in retrospect.

Found this meme from silverneurotic who writes at The Post College Years-Part Two, I liked the concept of writing on topics which are provided to you, rather then writing things which you think about, its more challenging this way
This was started by barb from Skittles’ Place and called Heads or Tails, This weeks topic was beginning, you can find her entry and the rest at Barb’s entry.


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  1. How nice to wake up this morning and find that you have joined me in getting this weekly meme off the ground. 🙂

    You have some very deep thoughts going on here, but without even my first cup of coffee, I can understand what you are saying.

    I hope you see you next week. I’ve added you to the blogroll. 🙂

  2. @Skittles.
    Ah thanks, that feels good :)..
    Without coffee? wow I think you are my category, first thing in the morning check blog emails..
    But end up having coffee in one hand as I browse though 🙂

  3. I think beginnings and ends are the like yin and yang, you can’t have one without the other and both beginnings and endings are good – neither are bad. Things have natural cycles – summer to winter and back to summer again through spring and autumn. And there you have your continuation of all things 🙂

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