Time to Retract


Nope, I have never been a gambler,
Didn’t need to try my luck at derby either,
Never preferred to risk,
Safety always my forte,
Oh! wait, I am no saint,
Glitter of the wildness did attract me,
More than once, it did strike,
Restless mind, did fancy the glitter,
Fantasy did fascinate,
Couple of steps and BANG,
Logic took over, reasons did matter,
Fear of failure, doubts of loss.
Nope money is not something which I fear,
Skill isn’t something which I doubt.

Relationships have been like that,
Gamble, never easy to take,
Always fear of the failure,
doubled with doubts of loss,
Never been courageous to move forward,
Nor content at staying back,
Few steps towards the glitter,
Few attempts, at taking the risk,
Conscience does begin to talk,
Insecurity begins to top,
And then comes the time,
Time to…

A little follow up to my wordless post this Monday


6 responses »

  1. @Gautami
    Nothings easy, but when compared to the loss, this is far easier to cope with.

    I agree, I think I am almost irreversible now.

    Love your statement.
    “Tough to color outside the lines”
    Wish I could make a T shirt out of this

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