Random Randomness #33


Random discovery:
August 15th was a national holiday in India, and having gone out almost all recent weekends I decided to take rest that day, all I had planned was rest, along with a small task of buying a gift for my 1 year old niece for her 1st birthday. Little did I know know the difficulty with this task.
I am a very fussy shopper, and when it comes to clothes my fussiness doubles, and when I buy clothes for others you can quadruple my choosiness. I dragged my dad along, because I didn’t want to enter shops selling girlie stuff alone :). I started at one end of a busy market street, and entered shop after shop, my requirements were very clear, it has to be something which looked very Indian, it needs to fit the kid, and shouldn’t be something very common.
As walked from shop to shop, with both of us not knowing what they call certain types of clothing, we started discovering the names and even guessing the prices as we went along, finally at one shop found a thing which I liked, my dad was happy, so that he need visit next line of shops, which I was telling him we should goto if I don’t find anything here. It was not her size though, the shopkeeper got us the right size after making us wait for almost 15 minutes, and finally I had found the gift.
I have to admit, with so much of choice, no wonder women take more time to shop.

Random discomfort:
On of my biggest discomfort in attending huge gatherings/celebrations is the pleasantry “are you doing fine” questions which I have to ask, and answer like 250 times, thats was the number of people in a function I attended on Saturday. In most of the cases, I was not even listening to their answers, and in on most, they were not so keen in finding out How I was doing. How come our culture has so many fakes put in there.

Random pleasures:
Its amazing how some people can hit it off after along break, even if it for just few minutes, just a couple of sentences and few smiles, I met my cousin yesterday, she has been one of my closest pals, even though she is a very far relative, we used to stay close, and have goon to so man y movies together, she is mom of 4 year old know, and lives very far from my place. I just met her yesterday after a gap of about 6 months, and before that there was a gap of 3 years, and we just hit it off. It was very obvious with the rest of groups that we were very close before too, but then they were really surprised, and to an extent me too, that we had such a wonderful 15 minutes last night.

Random foodie:
The festival season is here, we always joke that in our sect this month is almost festival every day, the best part is te food with these festivals, each festival associated with a special dish, and in some cases combination of dishes. This is one thing I love about my religion, never a problem with variety of dishes to offer. I am gonna be really busy with all the munching and all the jogging.

Random Incident:
Not many know, that I am really careful around food, not many times I have had incidents of food spilling over me, On Friday had been to a relatives place, and was playing with my nephew who is almost 6, my aunt got me a coffee, and the kid did not watch out for it, he was trying to tickle me and ended up hitting the cup, which meant one big cup of steaming coffee all over my white tshirt and red bag 😦
I think I have to forget my Montana T’shirt .

Random victories. [should I call victory]:
If you had seen my posts Its time to andTime to Retract , then you would know about my efforts to retract. I think I was successful, atleast I felt so. It remains to be seen if the person from whom I was retracting can feel the difference.

Random announcement:
Finally I have decided to come out with my email address, here it is
I have also put up a link on the sidebar with my email id.


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  1. Removing coffee stains is a useful thing to learn, no?

    Unless you have already washed the t-shirt, you can sprinkle a little baking soda on a wet cloth and rub the stain to remove it.

    Alternatively, mix one teaspoon of white vinegar in 200ml or so of cold water. Sponge on the stain and wipe clean.

    If nothing works, use a pre-treatment such as Vanish and then wash it as usual.

    Yenjaay maadi!

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