While you were out.


It was always fun growing up as a part of big family, even though my immediate family is a small one, I was part of a big extended family, with lots of uncles and aunts, large number of cousins, their kids, their spouse, their families and so on. The best part of having a big family like this, are special occasions in families, like a birthday party or a marriage, or even just a festival.

As a kid, I always loved this gatherings, not only I had lots of cousins to play with, I found it really fun to just sit around with a gang of 20/25 people laughing and talking. As all of us could not miss school, and my mom could not miss work, we used to go to school/work the next day, and all my aunts who did not work would stay back to clean up, or even stay for few more days, invariably their kids would stay back too. My mom always has a problem with people messing up her organized kitchen, or her closet, or even just the living room arrangement. As she could not miss work, in the evening when she used to come back, she used to be really cranky and upset about things which were done while she was out.

I never liked my mom for doing this, I used to think she is really crazy to complain against such good people, and somehow she didn’t like that many people coming to our house.

Today, even though we all have grown up, our family is still that close, and one thing that has changed is that it has grown bigger, more people, more kids. The biggest change has been myself, I have totally turned into my mom, I hate when people get into my room when I am not around and screw up everything, it could be as small as a dust bin, my cousin’s son has this habit of playing with my dust bin and leaving it in some spot which irritates me a lot, I hate when people enter my bathroom when I am not around, and when people open my draw when I am out.

Kids at home, can make matters worse, most of them have no idea not to play around with some other’s things, as the adults who come with the kids have no clue about the importance of the thing, they too are not too bothered to make sure kids don’t break anything, and most of the adults are too busy talking or watching TV they have no control or clue over their children and what they are doing. The worst part is they get angry when you try to discipline their kids.

I kind of realize how my mom felt some 20 years back, but still all of us including my mom loves the family crowd, we still have fun, we still have funny incidents to share, we have lots to tease each other with.


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  1. Whenever we’ve had parties, a lot of relatives will stay late (or come early) to help out. I never really complain though it can get a bit crowded to have everyone in the kitchen doing different things.

    I do hate when people go into my room, especially when they take my stuff. Last time I went on a lengthy vacation my siblings were using my computer and took a few cd’s while I was gone. We ended up having to get a new doorknob so I could keep my door locked when I wasn’t home. I don’t really use it any longer, but for awhile it did deter them.

  2. Interesting.

    A few days ago, my niece (whom I hadn’t seen for 14 years) and my nephew (not seen for 26 years) came over for lunch with their respective spouses. After lunch, my niece quipped that I could possibly not be putting my Le Creuset pots in the dishwasher and went ahead and washed and dried them with great care.

    A wise observation was then made by one in the gathering: Indians are the only ones, who go to someone else’s house and start washing dishes 🙂

    I know my niece was being considerate and although I was a bit taken aback, it was sweet of her. But that observation rings very true especially if it weren’t my niece or someone I knew equally well.

  3. @Silver,
    I totally know your feeling with people playing with your stuff, Unfortunately with smaller houses here we cannot afford to lock rooms

    lucky you 🙂 got good cousins.

  4. my family is so teeny tiny … i always wished for a large family and now i have one because my husband is the youngest of nine and there are dozens and dozens of nieces and nephews (i am finally an aunt ~ even though some of them are not much younger than me, tee hee) … they are having a family reunion next summer and there will be hundreds of people ~ wow!! i so love being a part of that 🙂

  5. @Daisies
    Great to see you back :).
    Yes family gatherings are great, sometimes when your personal space get intruded it hurts just a little

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