A Letter I received.


You have been blabbering too much these days,
Quantity does not imply quality,
All your posts are depressing,
There is never victory, joy, happiness in your posts,
The so called poetry you scribble, does not qualify as poetry in any sense,
Your photos makes no sense to anyone,
The romance you tend to depict does not strike passion nor love,
Your assumptions that most of your blogger friends have become lurkers is totally false,
They just are not interested anymore,
Your obsession with the view statistics, will destroy your confidence,
Your personal life is really boring to read about,
The dull weekend reports you post are way to boring,
-Yours truly
Guys don’t mind this Anon, he does try to discourage Rambler very often, infact like 10-15 times a day, but at the end of the day, when I sit in front of my computer, Anon like some of my friends becomes a lurker.


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  1. Criticism gives always an oppourtunity to look in and improve 🙂

    in marathi they say “nindakache ghar asawe shejari” meaning the critic should be staying next door !! 😛

    but also all that critic says need not be the truth !!

  2. the thing that kills me about letters like this is the author’s inability to own up to his or her comments. Why be spineless and post anonymously? If you have feelings about something speak up!

    I have no respect whatsoever for anonymous posters.

  3. Hey, I think you are swell. And I’m the only one that matters huh?

    Okay…just a tad full of myself today…but seriously, I think you are swell and your blog is swell and you shouldn’t matter what people say. Your blog is your blog…no one elses.

  4. @Saaya,
    I love discussion and argument, not so much with criticism. There is a very thin line.

    Anyways I am too stubborn, this would never stop me from writing 🙂

    you guys wont be let off so easily.

    well I think he/she have right to say what they want, and we to ignore what we dont. 🙂

    Thanks, but I am not so strong, for me it does matter, may not be all people, but few close ones, it does matter.

  5. i have that same anon dancing around in my head but i tend to ignore as well and post away 😉

    i enjoy your posts and poetry and photograpy and and and …

  6. Critism is part and parcel of the things done..u agree or disagree , like or dislike !!

    but yes people should be gutsy and critisize with their own identity not as anon !!
    its moronic imo !!

  7. @Daisies,
    That was really nice of you..

    well you are right, but still somehow criticism is part and parcel agreed.
    Actually if they do have a point, I don’t mind anonymous comments.

    yep, its totally on me though :).

  8. Why would someone try so hard to discourage you? That person doesn’t have to visit if they don’t like what you’re writing! 🙂

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