Almost an Hobby – Heads or Tails #3


Its third week of “Heads or Tails” over at Skittles’ and todays topic is Hobby.

One day my friend S and I were discussing about the very same topic, now being a hobby-less man for most of my life, I hardly have any extra curricular interests to put up in my resume, anyways context of that discussion is totally irrelevant here, but that day made me think about all those things which just missed being my hobby.

When I was in my elementary school, as any normal hindu kid growing up in a traditional environment would do, I was made to take interest in hymns, and songs in praise of the god, and man did I like doing that. As a kid you are ready to do anything that gets you attention, and this singing hobby of mine, was just one such. I don’t even remember when it got lost.

My uncle saw some spark in me with painting, and it became my hobby for almost 3 years, I was too young to understand the concept of art, all I knew was colors. I used to attend this painting workshop like 3 times a week almost for 2 years, and at the end of 1.5 years, they did do a exhibition of all our work. A national daily picked up my work and wrote an article about how expressive the painting was. The real fact is I didn’t understand what they saw in the painting. By the time I entered 6th grade, this so called hobby of mine was totally gone.

If sports can be considered a hobby, then couple of years went in all kinds of sports, I did enjoy playing kho kho the best, I did play for my school couple of times, but then studies was too important when compared to some game, which was like hardly known to people. As a hobby I did love it, almost playing daily, getting my pant torn at knees every other day, the patch on my knee which was inevitable, the closest I have got to being wild was this period.

As an young adult, hobbies were almost screwed up, and studies was the all important thing. In high school, we were forced to choose one, and I chose dramatics, may be because it had least things to do, this was one thing which I learnt least, A couple of make up gigs did attract me, but then I was too uninterested in this hobby.

Towards the end of my high school I picked up writing, I for the first time in life, realized I had so many things to say, I started in my native language kannada, and essays were my favorite form of expression. I did write many of those, and did get them published in couple of kid magazines, all I have about those are memories, few cuttings from magazine and couple of prizes which I won.

Then came a long gap, where I had no hobbies what so ever, unless you want to call TV as an hobby, was totally focussed on only one thing, college and job. Most of the days I don’t regret this at all.

Lately, in an year or so, like all you guys, It too got bitten by the blogging bug, there has never been a hobby which I have pursued with so much interest and effort. It started with just a pass time, but in a short time totally took me over, I began to realize I have so much to say, and no one to listen. So why not say it, may be someone somewhere is interested in all the crap I dish out. If not anyone, at least I have a place where I can say anything I want, everything I think about and not worry about what I am supposed to say. For the first time, I could really get rid of the ironmask which was on me throughout all my life.


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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Tole painting is the same as acrylic painting. You should continue with your writing… it helps your soul.

  2. Nice, thoughtful, well written post. Except for reading which I consider life-sustaining I really have no hobbies escept maybe…….being a slobby!! LOL.

  3. I think singing, of any kind, is good for you. I love to sing, but am very off-key, so I try to do it when nobody is around.

    It sounds like you had a talent for painting. Ever think about taking it up again?

  4. Blogging is certainly a hobby that is good to have. Easily the best way to convey your thoughts. And on your question about how I keep my trains clean, mostly it’s keeping them put away in boxes when not in use. Then it’s a matter of dusting them carefully when they get dirty.

  5. Thanks for sharing the different hobbies you had. Singing and painting are wonderful form of expressions and hope you’ll be inspired to take them up again someday.

    Thanks for visiting.

  6. I think you have been experimenting (dabbling) with this and that and finally may have hit your strength and interest! That’s as it should be. You have a lot of experiences now and know more about you!

  7. I would love to see photos of your paintings!…In high school, I loved to water color, and thought that might be something I would persue….but it never happened.

  8. You got me thinking …I am as hobbyless as you unless Blogging is considered as hobby 😛 😛
    At various stages of life ; Ithough i have had some things interesting other than studies but now I dont have any of them.

    Will probably write a post abt it :))

  9. Well, as I said to Silver, writing+reading=Blogging – and to make it more creatively challenging one could include photography and painting – makes blogging one helluva hobby.

  10. @Sandy
    tried to read more on tole painting yesterday, fun to know ..

    🙂 ok agreed I am not hobbyless

    Therapy ha, totally true.

    @mama pajama
    blogging is a hobby, hope so 🙂

    thanks 🙂

    slobby, the pics over at yours still cracks me up 🙂

    I totally hope to.

    painting, no I still believe it takes good visuals which I lack,

    nice to see you over here..

    Thanks for visiting back 🙂

    wow that was a compliment …

    may be sometime soon, keep checking … 🙂

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