The two sided coin.


People always saw him happy.

Was it the smile?, or was it the face?
Or was it a mask which was put on?
People were too busy to care,
Care, for the his real feelings,
Care, about his real emotions.
Some did come forward,
with, an effort,
An effort to know the real “him”.
All they saw was a “HARD” shell,
hardness, so it seemed.
They still didn’t give up the search,
Search, of an open window.

He totally knew who he was.
Lots of ideas, lots of thoughts,
Aspirations, Expectations, and Admirations too.
Confusions, dilemmas, risks and fears,
He wasn’t spared of contradictions too.
He wished to be common, one among the lot,
Enjoy the people, and what they thought,
Discuss his issues, share his passion,
Share his joy, and sorrow too.
He did try to break open,
All he saw was a thick wall,
Thickness, so it seemed,
He still didn’t give up the search,
Search, of an open window.

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  1. That’s a very hopeful poem, Rambler. Nicely done. It takes opening of windows from the inside and the outside sometimes.

  2. Umm… it sounds like an introvert trying to live in an extrovert world. Don’t live up to their expectations … live up to yours.

    I know this feeling. Some individuals thought I was cold, even though they had no idea. I am filled with so much that sometimes it overflows. 🙂

    A raw poem. Cyn

  3. as long as you are happy with who you are,,, what the world thinks doesn’t matte… you are the only one that will be with you forever,,, thus the only one you need to please…

    excellent post…

  4. Rambler , AWESOME !! Two sided Coin ..well we all exhibit that dont we ?

    The tougest seeming people have a heart that is softer than anything. Only some can feel that; rest all go by the outer look 🙂

    No sweat abt it any ways :))

  5. @Absolute.
    You hit the nail on its head, its indeed an hopeful poem.

    I dont think it was about introvert, nor do I live up to others, actually its more about the gap, which naturally builds around certain people.
    sometimes you want to share so much, but fail to find the vent. this was more on that lines 🙂

    again thanks a lot, I like when someone uses the word thinking here.

    Hmm not relates though, but you never no subconsciously they might be..

    thank you …

    thank you..

    ah thats a compliment …

    I think I will keep you guessing on that..
    Most of the things I write are related to me, only lately I have begin to try imagination and I have terribly failed at that.

    its totally about you 😀

    when someone you admire thinks its good, it makes you even more satisfied.

    This was more about deception on either sides.
    somewhere both are not true neither people nor the person himself have hard shells. sometimes we got to look for an opening into someone, and out of ourselves.

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