"Am I Spiritual?"


“Am I Spiritual?”, One question which I have failed to answer to myself many a times. I guess one of the main reasons for my failure to answer this question is, spirituality itself, its something so personal, totally a private feeling.

I like the sanskrit definition for spirituality, its called “adyathma” which means “that which pertains to the self or atma[soul]”. So I would define being spiritual is caring for your spirituality, that would mean caring about your soul. So the question bounces back, when do you feel that you are caring for your soul?

When I wake up the first thing in the day, without any efforts from me, or will, I instinctively pray. I might have chosen some not so common set of prayers[shlokas] which I prefer, some about the god, some about goddess, some about life, some which tell me the importance of education, and some praising the all important thing in life “Time”, anyways they do give me, for a short time of about a minute, a sense of hope for the day, a feeling of happiness, and that surely would please my soul, so is that spiritual then?

I do believe food is an important part of life, and I do believe in living to eat, rather then eating to live. I am extremely meticulous in the food I eat, and I carefully choose the right amount everything that gets into my food. I get really irritated if the taste is even a little bit off, food does excite me and makes me feel happy about the day, I can still remember days where I have had amazing food. So isn’t that caring for my soul?.

From the very beginning, I have loved discussions and arguments of all kinds, I feel disagreement is the right way to question stuff, at the end of the day you get many things on to the table and finally learn a lot more then you could have had, if you just agree at the beginning. ability to question and to ask is something which pleases me a lot. I never question authority I always question information. so isn’t this spirituality?. Trying to follow something which gives you immense pleasure.

There are amazingly insignificant things which can drive you close to yourself.

Lately I have lost the sense of my spirit, I am not able to find things which excite me, I know writing does, but again there is something which I am missing, not sure if its a thing, or a person, or even a event which might turn my way around.

Daisies who writes at pluckthepetal.com introduced me to a beautiful project called My Sacred Project started by Carla of Zena Musings . The idea is to post a photo of your daily life capturing something that connects you to Spirit. The idea is to connect with the holiness of everyday life. Just an attempt to probe my spirit

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  1. Wonderful post – I believe spirituality is in the essense of each individual and you described it well with regards to yourself…

  2. I really wish I was more spiritual, it’s hard when you’ve had so many bad experiences related to religion though…as it’s so tied together, at least in my mind.

  3. I think the actions of being spiritual differ from one person to another but ultimately it’s about connecting with the soul and the greater soul pool or source of all souls – that which is “god/the universe/source/the universal energy” and bringing one’s soul into alignment with that greater force that gives us all life, creativity and being – from the tiniest atom to the greatest mountain.

  4. Hi Rambler! So glad you’re joining the My Sacred Life project. For me, spirituality is my personal relationship with Spirit — in countless ways, every day. I instinctively pray each morning too and say ‘thank you’ each night. Most important is what I do in between those times!

    It’s good to meet you and I look forward to reading more.

  5. i probably am not very spiritual..

    oh and a random question. that photo of the food, did you take it yourself? you can ignore this question if you think it’s a weird question…

  6. @Princess,
    hey thanks, thanks for coming by.
    Actually as a forethought, have been thinking, if my concept of spirituality and selfishness is totally mixed up.

    Hmm not so sure if both religion and spirituality should be tied together, religion does show us path to spiritual life, but there are other ways to get there as well.

    totally agreed, its ultimately connecting with your soul..

    Thanks for adding me, I am sorry could not keep it going daily.
    Yes, you hit the nail on its head, its inbetween what we do that matters.

    I think you will some day, may be the age does matter in few cases.
    no not at all a weird question, no I didnt take the picture, I found it on google.

  7. Connecting with Soul ; IMO we need to look at that from a far more wider perspective !! Sprituality for me about simplicity in action and thoughts !! it is for me in doing Random act of kindness !!

  8. am so glad you are doing this 🙂 this is a wonderful post … like carla for me it is my personal relationship with spirit which i feel is all around me in the way that live, the life i choose … its why i love this project so much 🙂

    that photo at the top, i have that print, it was once my grandfathers and now it hangs in my house …

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