School, I remember – Heads or Tails #4


I can’t believe, its already forth week of “Heads or Tails” over at Skittles’ and today we are supposed to talk about school.

I was thinking about what do I write about my schools, I mention schools because I have changed so many of them growing up. I was thinking there must be something which I would want to share. I started trying to remember incidents from school, and here are a couple of them which came to my head tonight.

Here I go, this one time at band camp..

I must be around 6th grade when this happened, I had been in that school just for about an year now, by this time I knew all the kids in the class and also almost all teachers in the school knew me. Now I have never been a bully ever in life, nor been a muscular person, I had been really thin, growing up, and anybody can easily make out I am not the sporty kind.

There was this kid in our class, you know the bully types, one who always gets in fight, and famous for all wrong reasons kind of a boy. There was some argument between the two of us, I don’t remember what it was about. In the heat of the verbal fight, he challenged me to meet him outside the class for a fist fight, now even though I was not strong or muscular, In the spur of the moment the challenge was accepted. I kind of worried about it all day, and at the end of the day decided to wait a little more before I get out of the school, hoping he would have left by then.

After about 15 minutes after the school ended, I walk out trying to sneak home, I walked for about two blocks and there he was, waiting for me, he says “So you thought I would forget“, I reply trying to save my pride “No, I had some work with the head master“, hoping to scare him away with my contacts. He does not care, he asks “So, shall we?“, I reply “Ah, sure“. Within a minute even before I thin what to do, Zap! he punches me right in the stomach, and I kind of fall dramatically with my head spinning.

I start to get up, thinking, whats the connection with head and stomach, why did my head spin, just then, before he punches me again I see one of our teacher coming towards us running. When he confronted the kid, he said it was both of us who had decided to fight, being the good kid meant that teacher never believed I could do something like that, and the other kid got a good bashing. Poor guy had to apologize to me, and he never tried to bully me later.

And again, I promise this is the last time, this one time at band camp…

You must know the kind of people, who fear god a lot, like really worried if they do something wrong they will be punished for sure kinds. I was something similar in high school, totally teacher fearing, not that I got into trouble with any of them, but I am kind of a guys who did not want to get into any kind of wrong books of teachers, if you know what I mean.

It was a normal afternoon, and one of the teachers was on leave, and the substitute teacher too had not come. So guys being guys started goofing in the classroom, and gals as usual were chatting. I for a change was enjoying some game that was being played, and two guys got into an fight in the middle of it, as they were pushing each other, I decided to go back to my place and was walking. Suddenly one of the guy pushed the other one very strongly and he came and fell over me, as I tried to avoid being hit, my reflexes made me throw my hands in front as defense, as I did this my elbow hit my friends face, who was standing next to me.

Next thing I see his spectacles goes flying to the floor and gets broken into pieces. Then the fun began. My friend, knowing me so well started to fool around, first I was concerned that he might be really hurt, instead he threw fire all over me, he wanted to complain to all possible people about me breaking his spectacles. He almost walked off the classroom. I being afraid of what might happen, tried to console him, plead with him, even offered to get his spectacles fixed, but he was in no mood to listen to me, he wanted to make sure I am punished for this act. After a long persuasion, he said he would think over it and get back to me what he decided.

I would go to him at the end of every hour and ask him, what did he decide, and plead again to forgive me. Finally at the end of the day he started laughing and said he was playing a prank on me and was not mad at me at all. I still am in touch with this fellow, one of my good friends, but for this he was never forgiven.


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  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting me earlier. Yeah, I’m not supposed to be bloghopping ‘coz I’ll be waking up early. But blogging is a hard habit to break. haha! My son is already sleeping so I’m sure he won’t mind. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in school. I’m glad the teacher realized from the start that you were the innocent one. Glad the bully was reprimanded and didn’t hurt you again.

    It’s nice that you have formed a lasting friendship with your classmate.

  2. You tell these stories so well, I can picture the events happening. 🙂

    I’m guessing you’ve seen the movie American Pie? 🙂

  3. Glad that bully got his come up-pence – bet he didn’t feel to good having to apologise to you! 😉
    Sounds like you have some rich memories of your schooldays.

  4. The bullies are still around. I guess they always will be, even with more knowledge about them and ways to teach them not to bully. They do make life miserable for the rest of the world.

  5. Using – indeed waiting for – the teacher’s authority to break a cycle of bullying: now THAT’S a sustainable strategy for dealing with bullies in life.

  6. i’ve only seen two fist fights my whole life, so far. both happened post-high school though. and both involved people i was rather close with. oh and both fights were between girls.

    i stopped the second one from getting worse but was too chicken to stop the first one. she was a holding a broomstick, you see. i didnt dare stop her with my bare hands…

  7. @Rachel
    hmm actually not so good on the teacher front, it was as much of a mistake from me as from the other guy ,lets just assume reputation saved me 🙂

    @Stine & shelby

    actually we were good friends even before, just that I can never forgive my friend for doing that to me 🙂

    Thank you so much, I liked the way you said about my stories

    oh ya, did like the part 1 of the series

    school was never boring 🙂

    @Deb & tegdirb92
    Thanks for visiting

    Very good memories.
    BTW bully turned out to be a nice guy, I liked playing with him late after this incident 🙂

    Me too.. loved being the good kid

    so you want more band camp stories..

    So you had problems with bullies too?

    I think you got it right, the fact I used that to teach bully a lesson still haunts me, may be thats the reason I still remember the incident.

    Broom sticks? , I wouldnt have controlled my laughter If I had been in your place :)))

    hey tell us your band camp stories..all curious now..

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