Random Randomness #37


Random Disgust:
This may sound funny now, but being there, at that moment, it was so disgusting. I had to do some quick shopping today, and had absolutely no mood to actually go to my usual store for it, and I had no company too, so decided to go to another decent store. It just took me 5 minutes to choose a pair of jeans, amazingly quick for my standards, so next thing was to obviously try it on, so I went towards the trial room.
They had a common trial room, which I found really strange, generally atleast there will be one for men and one for women. I saw a group of 3 women standing and discussing the shirt which they had chosen. So I guessed the person inside the trial room should be with them, and these people were waiting for him/her. within minutes the girl from inside the trial room walks out, since I was in a hurry to get back I went into the room after making sure she is not planning to get back into the room. I walk into the room close the door. And I almost fainted. What a bad smell!!!.
I guess the women who was in there has never heard something called as deodorant, or probably has not taken shower for a month or so. To make the matters worse, she had hung the Tshirt she had tried on one of those hooks inside the trial room, and it was almost killing me. I quickly put on the jeans, took it off, wore the old one on, and then ran out.
I thought that would be the end of my misery, but it was not, as I stood to bill my pair of jeans, she came and stood right behind me, and the foul odor back in full swing.
I just concluded she had a very bad cold, I am sure even she couldn’t have stood that smell for long otherwise

Random Saturday:
This Saturday was a festival here, and one of the few where men actually perform the pooja, in almost all other cases, we just wait for the good feast during lunch. I was up late watching a cricket match between India and Pakistan on Friday, this meant I slept at almost 2 am and was supposed to wake up at 6 for pooja, I did wake up early and got the pooja done, but what followed was simply amazing, I almost slept for the whole day of Saturday, waking up once in a while to have food or drink a cup of coffee. Whoever said that coffee drives away sleep, I guess I totally proved them wrong on Saturday.

Random foodie updates:
On the food front the last couple of weeks have been pretty boring nothing exciting to eat, and no new places tried too, may be lack of company or lack of mood, or even lack of appetite too.

Random cribs:
Actually Saturday’s much needed sleepy rest came after a horribly busy work week, I have never worked over night in last 3 years, yes I have worked for late or woken up in between at 3am or 4 am for a call or a piece of work, never full stretch night out, This week my record was broken, almost worked all night on one of the days, and on the other had to work late very late.
Now the worst part was the next day after the lost sleep, headache, stomach not feeling good, mind not clear, man I guess it was not worth it.
But then have to admit, on the both the days felt really good because it was totally worth for the project that we stayed on.

Random laziness:
I have a shower-head made out of steel in my bathroom, since we get hard water the head gets clogged very often. Early morning shower is something which I enjoy a lot, so whenever it gets clogged the amount of water coming out reduces, and the shower becomes really boring.I have been really struggling to get my lazy bum to clean this one. Its almost been two months. Finally I did it today, I cleaned it today morning, and had an excellent shower. Not just the full hot stream of water, but also the satisfaction of cleaning it.

Random resolutions:
Something important is coming up very early next week, and I am not sure whats in store in this episode. Thats how I like it to be, totally unpredictable and full of surprises. There have been many things in the recent past which I wanted to get rid off, so what better occasion then this to make the resolution. So here are some of my resolutions …

1. Reduce the amount of coffee intake, no it doesn’t mean I can drink tea instead. The goal is 50% of my regular daily intake needs to go. The current number is 4 fixed cups and 2 once in a while. So that makes it 6 all together. This needs to come down to 2 fixed cups and 1 floating.

2. Changes, I guess this it the time for some more changes, thicker walls, closing down open windows, un-cling, and for the time being nothing new.

3.Reduce the time spent on the IM/emails. Guess this one is the toughest of the goals, lets see how much I progress.

4. Oh totally forgot this one, yes the mask is back, and its going to be better camouflaged this time


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  1. Reduction of coffee intake is good – your body will thank you for it.

    And don’t talk to me about the cricket… I tried to get through to my mother’s place today – all the roads were closed off because of the cricket. I did not appreciate the detour!


  2. If a mask is better than w/o a mask; it it tends to override the real you ; prolly one needs a deep introspection IMO. Afterall the mask will get teared someday !! There is nothing like being yourself and open for changes instead of hiding behind the mask. One should try to bridge the gap IMO. You know what I mean !!

  3. if someone in front of me had BO, i’d definitely try to get away as far possible without making them feel uncomfortable because it would just be rude then. but seriously, i cant stand it.

  4. @Absolute
    actually it was pretty successful today I just had 3 cups and no floating ones :).
    ah you must be having fun staying in SA 🙂

    @Random Magus
    Hey thanks for visiting.
    it was indeed nauseous the other day.

    Actually its not overiding the real me, its just my feeling just people are not worth to know the real me, they dont understand or dont want to understand the man behind the mask. For various reason and in most cases genuine.
    Yes I am so open for changes though.
    I guess when someone sparks an attempt to pass the bridge, would love to tear the mask.

    you are right it would be rude on them, but unfortunately there is a level of toleration 🙂

  5. @Rambler : know what its like “what u give to world it comes back to you !!” the effort should be mutual IMO 🙂 and again assumptions are bad !!
    and hope u get someone soon :))

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