Random randomness #38


Random ramblings:
When the clock struck 0:00 on of the nights last week, factually I turned 26. Now I say it factually because, over the years I have lost the significance of the birthdays. Every year from last few years seem to be exactly the same, nothing new nothing old.

On the other hand in a different point of view, nothing has remained the same, neither me, nor people around me, nor the world.

I generally don’t like these days which I term as “Socially visible days”, where people tend to put on a smile, and in most cases a fake one, and you end up reciprocating a fake one back. All said and done, it was a good one, not many embarrassments, and on the contrary some nice things to remember this year with.

Firstly my good friend gave me this nice gift. I liked the thought she put into in finding this one. If you are reading this, thanks again.

I also got a beautiful card from my parents, I liked the wordings a lot, I wont write the whole stuff here, but just two lines which I liked a lot.

From your naughty pranks to the grown-up advices, dear son, my days are filled with precious memories
And, I’m proud the way you have grown up

sometimes greeting card people do get the notes right.

Random humor:
Friday was supposed to be a meeting with two of my close friends, even though one was doubtful of making it, finally everything was settled and a meeting set up. We started wondering with not much idea what to do, and finally decided to go to a pub nearby. Its been ages since visited one, I generally avoid pubs because of the smoke. I just had a mug of beer and chatting was on in full swing. And it happened.
I suddenly blurted out a random girl’s name instead of my friend’s, and they caught that, yep the expression on my face was really funny too. I hardly speak to the girl whose name I said, not sure why that came out too, was kind of really funny situation.
I could almost imagine the scene from Friends where Ross says the wrong name 🙂

Random Foodie:
My foodie escapades have got a real bad beating, nothing in last few weeks at all, except for small stuff here and there, nothing which has really fascinated me.
This week too, had been to a good looking expensive Chinese restaurant on Friday for lunch, even though the food was ok, didn’t enjoy much, the fact is I think I don’t like Chinese that much.
Friday evening as mentioned before was a pub, so we hardly had anything other than few fries and a corn snack, no mood too after that to have dinner.
At the home front too, not much happening except for a forceful preparation of “dhokla” a gujrati snack before my granny left. apart from that pretty pale weekend :(.

Anybody for dinner this week? anybody?

Random effects:
People in any cricket playing country would be aware of the world cup going on in South Africa, this time its the exciting shorter version of the game, and of course we are all thrilled to watch the game, for the first time, we are seeing the spirit in the Indian team, and they are winning.
The sad part being all the matches with India in it are starting at 9:30 PM India time and go on till like 1:00AM, now sleeping that late everyday and waking up at 6:00 AM is taking an effect on me. Almost headache everyday, not good, and also the easily irritating mood, which I hate.
Anyways looks like all this was totally worth, looking at the games I have seen.

Random Quotes:
Have been missing these random quotes recently, looks like people have stopped entertaining me :), just kidding. This week more than humor I had two interesting quotes from the same person.
We were walking by the book store with me telling her that I have a good list of books to buy now, all taken out from shelfari, and I began to say, that you can really pick up books being fairly sure you would like them, because I came across these from people I know. she hits me back with this.
How do you define people you know, you hardly know any person on your friends list
Something totally worth thinking about.

Talking about thinking, my friend had written a post about the deep thinkers and abstract thinkers, which I thought I fitted into the latter category and she thought I was in the former category.
Anyways I have forgotten the context, we were walking out of the pub when she hit me with
**********************************, and thats why I said you are a deep thinker
well may be yes, I might think a little bit

Random happenings:
In my friend’s would put it “You might have ended up being electrocuted today !”, we were walking on the sidewalks of one the busy Bangalore streets, me usually gazing into some unknown point, and suddenly I hear couple of people asking a guy to stop, I was thinking something and didn’t listen to them, later one of them came and pulled me back, and it turns out they were stopping me, and the pole which I was ridiculously close to, had touched the live wire, and was with high live voltage.
Actually after knowing how close I was to it, I thought, may be it was lucky day 🙂

Random feelings:
I was in two minds all week whether to write about this or not, finally decided to do it in parts, I screwed something royally on Monday, and I hate myself for doing this, I can’t blame anybody for that, not even me, just that it happened. All the uncling, not care stuff I am writing about was with that incident, and I just hope it gets alright one day, at least I get a chance to finish it in a proper way. I know I shouldn’t take it so personally nor try to bother this much, but I can’t help it thats the way I am.
as of now I think I just am left with a beautiful song from a TV series called Tere Yaadein”.


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  1. Rambler,
    I found out a long time ago that my birthday was actually a way for me to celebrate my friendships. It wasn’t really about me anymore. It was about my friends that made the past year enjoyable.
    I’ll have to post an article about it on my site.
    Hppy bday
    (and thank your friends!)

    I be me

  2. @I be me
    hey thanks for dropping by and for the wishes, feel free to write no problems 🙂

    actually not so much aware of role of friends in one’s birthday.

    Thank you for the wishes.

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