Pet Peeve, thats what this is – Heads or Tails #7


This weeks topic for heads or tails over at Skittles is “Pet Peeves”, I was just thinking, when I have so many of peeves what constitutes as a pet peeve, or what it is that makes it the pet peeve. Thats when It stuck me, that when you are battling something very hardly yourself, when you have realized something is very wrong, when you are making sure you don’t do that mistake, and you see someone else doing that, it makes you very angry, extremely annoying and that for me, becomes a pet peeve.

Born in a religious Hindu family, I have grown up being very religious, following Hinduism to the core, I am not sure if the philosophy of the religion was ever told to me, it was just the rituals which formed my concept of a religion. Invariably it means Hindu means anti-muslim, not sure why this concept came into picture, but thats how it is. Growing up these principles of liking a religion or hating one, is very common among your elders, and peers. so one thing you always see around you is descrimination based on religion, and of course intolerance towards the other.

At one point very recently, I began to realize how good the concepts are in other religions, their theories though slightly different, the principles are pretty much the same. There are innumerable things in philosophy of other religions which is totally worth thinking about, understanding and of course gaining knowledge from. Most of it was mainly due to the books I read, there are so many interesting things in religions like Zen, Buddhism, Kabbalah, Islam, and Christianity. Unfortunately its not the philosophy behind the religion which is being talked about, rather its the rituals and the rules.

Anyways coming back to the pet peeve, once my perspective changed about the religion, I began to notice that very few people are making effort to increase their tolerance, and In my opinion its not because they are not tolerant, or not because they don’t want to, its because the society does want them to, nor the media, this is something which is annoying me to the core. Politicians are misusing secular principles and making people fight for smaller things, and even literate people are behaving like uneducated failing to realize the mistake they are doing, even when they try to correct themselves, so called religious pundits walk in to gain undue advantage.

Recently a popular Bollywood star was considered to be a traitor in his religion for attending a Hindu festival, you can read the full story here. Seriously what were people thinking?, festivals are there so that people enjoy and spread the happiness, so what if he attended a Hindu festival?, does he become a traitor?. Media needs to be blamed as well, they made a huge hungama out of this small thing, now every one will think twice before actually enjoying each other’s festival.

Same thing with politicians trying to gain political mileage leading to religious violence, a former chief minister of southern state of Tamilnadu seems to have said Lord Rama was a drunkard, because of which there was a huge violence in Bangalore killing 3 people, also some religious leader has given order for the minister to be beheaded I believe, check it out here. What kind of educated fools we are. Falling prey to such age old cheap tactics by certain people.

Its my sincere appeal to people, if you cannot encourage religious camaraderie and tolerance, atleast don’t hinder people who are finally beginning to cross the bridge.


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  1. Once again, a very well thought out and written post from you!

    Tolerance certainly is a big key. If people would only try to see things from another perspective than their own how different things might be.

    My 73 year old mother has become serious with a Jewish man. (We are Christians.) I bear him no animosity for his different religious beliefs. In fact I am learning from him what those beliefs are and mean to him.

  2. Thanks stopping by earlier today and for sharing this well written entry, Rambler! I also wish for more tolerance.


    P.S.: Armpit hair… any kind of it… is a no go for me, so I beg both, women and men, to shave =)

  3. I have to agree. I never felt a bond with any religion & sometimes feel jealous of those who do, even when they’re trying to shove it down my throat. Thinking there’s something out there taking care of us must be very comforting.

  4. Excellent Blog. I am a Christian but not Catholic which is how I was raised. Yes, Catholic are Christians but there is prejudice on both sides of the Catholic/Protestant relationship. I think think all religion make excellent and similar points, people just don’t bother to learn. I was not taught to hate any certain religion and personally I believe they all have validity. One of my brothers is into Hindu and swamis and I have a live and let live attitude.

    People use religion as an excuse to jusify violence and have done this for thousands of years. It’s quite sad.

    Thank you for writing such a thoughtful and intrigueing post today! 🙂

  5. Excellent!

    I was raised to mistrust and hate Catholics (we were Protestant). I have overcome that, but it was a lot of work. And I still feel prejudice within me (like in “oh they are catholic, that’s why they do that!”), and it’s not a good feeling.

    Your comments about tolerance and focusing on the rules and not the philosophy is well taken.

    Thank you for these important thoughts.

  6. I find religion very fascinating. Although I’ve mostly studied Christianity I’m not a Christian. 😉
    Thank you for such a thoughtfull and thought provoking post!

  7. IMO when it comes to one to one context; one can think of bridging this gap.
    but when we look at the bigger picture ; If all the religons teach good things , why do we see this particular religion has more contribution to the terrorism ?
    people from our religion seem to be suffering the pain and paying the cost not being “kattarpanthi” . the blasts at hyderababd / mumbai/kashmir atleast proves the same thing.

    The goodness has to be mutual. the effort to bridge the gap should come from all contributors.

  8. @Skittles.
    Thanks for visiting me 🙂
    More than the tolerance, its the discrimination I hate..
    amazing that your mom has become serious at 73.. and I have read very little about jews. should do it sometime.

    yep co existence is the key.
    P.s. ha ha still find this funny

    thank you..

    Not sure if you really got to see any religion deeply, try to focus on the principles and the reasons, and the philosophy, I am sure you will be drawn to them.

    @tegdirb & mama pajama
    thank you

    exactly, people dont bother to learn the real things in a religion. and we dont even need to think about violence, so much of it around

    thank you..
    I totally understand what you say, I have been through the same path, not understanding why I am prejudiced.

    Again not much aware of Christianity need to read more 🙂

    totally agreed sunshine, the effort to bridge the gap has to be mutual, and wouldn’t we love to see that effort, someone needs to start right.
    and Someone has done it, why pounce on him to say you have done something wrong.
    regarding why a particular religion
    has more contribution, I don’t have a real good defense with me, I know that religion does preach good things, but somehow its not reaching the people, or we are not knowing what to pickup from the religion.
    but again, just love so much of knowledge out there, so many paths to the ultimate goal.

  9. I think only when we are not sure of our own faith that we get insecure about learning and being tolerant of others. I love studying about all religions that doesn’t mean that it will take me away from mine. People really sadden me at times

  10. yes. we definitely need a little bit of tolerance in this world.

    im pretty much always discriminated because i dont look like most people, my religion. it sucks, definitely. but after 21 years, i sort of learned to deal with it.

  11. Please pardon my late visit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this. Very insightful.

    I respect the religion of others. I believe people with different beliefs can still get along very well as long as they both respect the religion of one another. It’s just sad when religion becomes a hindrance.

  12. @random magus
    Exactly, learning about good things in other religions does not mean giving up ours.

    I dont think so, you got to learn more, your religion is wonderful

    more than a hindrance, its become an excuse, which I hate.

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