Trading professions


Not many get to trade their professions, but who prevents us from dreaming right 🙂
Just was thinking 5 professions which I can never see myself In, and 5 which I am ready to switch to any day.

Lets start with ones which I see myself in………….

1. Chef
Awesome profession, no I just didn’t come out watching Ratatouille, just a big fan of eating, so naturally a little fan of cooking. I am sure if If my dishes don’t find takers, I am there to eat myself 🙂

2. Rocket scientist
Oh so what If I dont impress Shania Twain, would love to work for NASA, or our own Indian space research program, just wonder if there are any takers for me out there though.

3. Doodhwala, newspaper wala
Love to wake up early, so what better profession then these to be compelled to wake up and get to see the early morning mist.

4. Lyricist/songwriter
Not because of talent, because of pure admiration. Day after day we see so many people come out with absolutely brilliant work, If only I had the talent.

5. Bodyguards
what better work to stay close to beautiful people :),

Professions which I cant imagine myself in, they are good on their own, but I would be worst suited for.

1. Call Center[BPO].
Oh am too bad with keeping myself awake through nights, though after working in a tiring job for last four years, my sleep cycle is totally screwed up, still somewhere I want my old sleepy days back, so Call centers no way.

I am terribly impatient, so teaching is damn difficult for me, and I find it really tough to keep my spirit up if the person does not understand even after my 3rd attempt at teaching them, thats my limit. So Teacher, I am sure they wont let me become one

3. Lawyer
I argue so much, my mom still thinks I could have been a good lawyer, jokes aside, how much ever I argue, and even with my good memory I could have never remembered the amount of rules they have to, and the constant verbal fights would so much disturb my silence :).

4.Traffic policemen
Poor guys have to stand in so much pollution, and have to listen to so much noise, guess I will be found in a mental institute after a days work as traffic police, the honks would drive me crazy. Lot of respect for the people who do this.

Can you imagine the loss of privacy, social visibility and popularity. If we would call this a profession I would never ever get near that one…

So any body else wants to try this list?


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  1. At various times of my life I’ve wanted to be a prima ballerina, an interior designer, an entrepreneur, a movie director, a psychologist. Years ago I also wanted to be a writer – now I are one! 🙂

  2. @Silver..
    lawyer ha..

    yep probably, but very less probability though :D, what say you..

    nice, would love to read more on that one..

    @cable girl
    wow really long time, nice to see you around again
    yep I do know you are one 🙂

  3. my (now not-so) secret ambition is to be a movie director. hah. but guess i have to be a self-taught one since i probably won’t ever go to film school.

    and i can’t see myself as a teacher/lecturer/professor. so many teachers have taught me and yet i only liked very few. that just goes to show how hard it is to be liked as a teacher. i don’t want to be hated by a bunch of kids, you know. haha..

  4. hahahahaha! only ‘beautiful’ people need bodyguards???? Look around..ugly obnoxious politicians are the ones needing the most protection 🙂

    I wanted to be an astronaut and then a deep sea diver…alas!

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