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Opinions and Answers.

“Information is power!”. I guess in the current age of information technology most of you might agree with me. We tend to develop knowledge on various things in life, by so many different means. Schools, parents, society, self study, talks. discussions media and so on. whatever information/knowledge we develop how well do we use it?. do we really exercise all of our knowledge, or rather should we?.

Let us live out the flaunting of the knowledge part out of this discussion.

In cubeland, I have this dilemma when it comes to stamping authority, When I am in a discussion, I tend to speak a little more than I should, may be its just my feeling, but don’t like myself sometimes for doing it. so what if I know the answer, why should I come out with it.
So whats the best thing to do in such situations?

  • Wait till you are asked, and then come out with it [even though its a open discussion]
  • Come out with it irrespective of somebody asks you or not.
  • Dont give the answer even when you are asked,

The dilemma becomes even more difficult when there are opinions involved. Providing absolute answer is still easier, but what about opinions?, should one come out with it freely?. Not so happy with the way I come out my opinions, does not feel its right to be out with it so freely. May be its just a hint of trying to act pricey. But then whats the norm in such cases is my dilemma.

Let us not consider cubeland, lets take a more common approach. when there is a discussion happening amongst friends, and you know that they are talking nonsense, or if you have a strong point, do you come out with it?. I think one might come across as heavy headed when one always comes out with strong opinions in discussions. But when someone is really talking nonsense its hard to resist.

Let me give an example, say we are discussing sport, and people support a person just because he is from their state or they assume that because he from a religion, he is going to be corrupt, I cant stand such arguments, thats when I bring out stats and silence the others, but then since most of the people do not like arguments it invariably has to be me who confronts people in discussions, and I unnecessarily end up as the one with always strong opinions.

Should I learn to let go things?
Should I give up and just let them talk nonsense?

I still remember this teacher from college, he used to teach us mathematics, and he was good at it, and I generally used to be couple of chapters ahead of whats being taught in class, and he knew about that pretty well, so whenever he made a point or threw a challenge at the class, I used to keep quiet, I never spoke a word, unless he spoke to me in person. So what he used to do was, he would put up an open question, and look me in the eye, and announce, ok I know ****** has an answer, and he does not want to give it out, and egg me on to finally come out with the answer, and then he would ridicule the way I over study and should take it easy. I used to hate it, but then, every time he provoked me, I would easily fall into the trap and come out with my solution.

Definitely a dilemma I have been in so many occasions. Have you ever been in such dilemma?.

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Haunted by life.

There are days when you smile,
For no reason, experience bliss.

There are days when you are quiet
For no reason, experience thoughts.

There are days when you are grim,
For no reason, experience sorrow.

The keyword, “Days”

Haunted by happiness,
and sometimes, by lack of it.

That’s life,
and that’s us.

Haunted by life.

—– —————————————————————————

With Halloween around the corner, the prompt at writer’s island is “Haunted”.


The prompt over at Head or Tails over at skittles is spooky/scary/haunted/ , so thought why not come up with one single piece

For people who are new to fifty five charmers, here go the rules.

Fifty five charmers are an effort to say what you got in 55 words, its supposed to pose a problem, give a solution, with a twist and some inference to take away with.

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Random Randoness #43

Random Discovery:

The randomness series statistically the least read and least commented one, may be its too much of randomness, but would I stop no, this is one of the dearest ones to me, and looks the like my weird likes compared to others is intact even within my own works.

Random Realization:

When you meet someone whom you have known really well from a long time, and have really connected when growing up. Having not met each other in person over couple of years, each exposed to different worlds, different people, the ideas change so much. You meet them and instantly begin to search the person you knew, the person you are meeting is so much different from the person you thought you will meet. Whatever is the relationship, whatever is the amount of closeness, the change is evident, and time does bring in a significant change. I was kind of disappointed, and a little unhappy of losing the connection we used to have.
More importantly, I did not like the views that had changed, from the unconventionally cool and progressive views, going back to the cliched ones, that really was not what I had hoped for.

Random Warnings:

When we speak to someone, we never know what signals they are getting, recently got falsely accused of flirting. Ok I don’t think the other person really meant that as a accusation, but for me it still is one.

Here is the description from the online dictionary

flirtv., flirt·ed, flirt·ing, flirts.

1. To make playfully romantic or sexual overtures.

Now when you speak to someone, can you unintentionally make playfully romantic or sexual overtures>, I would like to believe I didn’t nor that was my intent. Anyways this is what confuses me, what signals are people receiving?, whats wrong with me who never realizes these signals when they are being sent nor when they are being recieved.
Stupid me.

Random TV news:

Scrubs is back for the seventh season, so for all the SCRUBS fans out there, here guys make good use of the season, we never know if it would return.

Random Apology:

I am struggling to come to terms with wordpress, so I apologize for bad fonting or color on my posts for some days, I have no clue how to change the font in wordpress, when I end up using my almost forgotten html coding skills from back college, I end up screwing the post altogether.
Can anyone point to me the icon in the editor here which can change the font? and also the size?.

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A lyrical gem

nainon ki mat maaniyo re
nainon ki mat suniyo
nainon ki mat maaniyo re
nainon ki mat suniyo
nainon ki mat suniyo re
naina thag lenge – 2 thag lenge naina thag lenge
naina thag lenge thag lenge naina thag lenge
jagte jaadu phukenge re jagte jagte jaadu
jagte jaadu phukenge re neenden banjar kar denge
naina thag lenge – 2 thag lenge naina thag lenge
naina thag lenge thag lenge naina thag lenge
nainon ki mat maaniyo re

I have not posted anything about my love for good lyrics for quite some time now, so here it is, one song which really caught my ear over the weekend. Here is a small translation effort.

Don’t give in to what your eyes say,
Don’t listen to your eyes

Don’t give in to what your eyes say,
Don’t listen to your eyes

Don’t listen to your eyes, please

Eyes will deceive, will surely deceive you
Surely will, surely deceive you

Will poof magic into your eyes. magic when you are awake
Magic into your eyes, rendering you sleepless,

Eyes will deceive, will surely deceive you
Surely will, surely deceive you

Don’t give in to what your eyes say,

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Marriages, what say I..

There are things which you do not think about, or rather do not find the need to think about, but over the age, you grow up and you get to a point where suddenly these thoughts find a place in your head, things which you had left as not applicable, suddenly become a little concerning, and finally the thought catches onto you.

A blogger friend had a post about arranged marriages recently, and suddenly it struck me that soon within a year or two, the topic is going to come up at home regarding “Marriage”, and for a person who has had no thoughts about it, I need to have some preparation as to what, when, how and If I want it. More importantly its necessary to atleast spare a thought ot two on that, so you are not cought offguard when the topic comes up.

Today I had been to pay our telephone bill, its generally not my job to do it, or rather I have assumed its my dad who does paying bill stuff, its only money I need to give him if he wants, but standing there in the queue was wondering, my dad as I have been told was extremely careless as a youngster, he never worried about anything, and was a lot more lazy as a teenager. I never got to see him that way, all I saw was this person who is to be asked for any matter related to house, and any errand regarding home is his job.

If you are wondering how that relates to marriage, here is what I think, its not commitment inside a relationship which people are afraid off, I guess when it comes to marriage, its the huge set of responsibilities which comes with them, which makes people think twice, so do I think I am ready to pay bills, take care of the house?. To be frank it
looks scary from here. May be its not that difficult, but for an outsider, its sounds like a lot of work.

Coming back to marriage as such, my friend had written. She thinks most of the arranged marriages nowadays end up being a disaster, and mostly end up in splits. I somehow don’t believe this is true, may be its too much of a generalization, but I guess, the opinion is more of the sorts I write on my other blog pure pursuits, its more of “my” view of what things are.

Typically in most Indian families, the marriage does mean, women moving into the guys family, and in most cases same house as his parents, so its just not a single relationship we are talking about, no not just 2 people, there are so many relationships a couple have to develop, and grow. I guess that’s where the compatibility and consensus comes into picture. I am not saying you have to chose someone even though she/he is not compatible with you, but best fit for the family, I am just saying those factors also matter a lot.

Its very important, whether you chose or your parents chose your partner, to make sure you have ideas well exchanged before the commitment. What is that you want, and what is other persons’ needs, and also the perceptions. I am not saying Love marriages are worse, I am just saying for a relationship to work there are so many other factors, and the love needs to help those factors and grow over time, otherwise it would end up in splits.

One question really hangs over me though, does it arranged marriages mean an arranged love?, or just an arrangement?, arrangement between two people for the lifetime, where they develop emotions as the time passes, love/hate/anger/happiness everything which is natural when two people live close to each other?. I guess its a lot like love marriages where only difference is the initial trigger, where may be one gets to live first few years of an arranged marriage before the marriage.

It might be just the placement of the event “Marriage” within the lifespan of the relationship which makes them either arranged/or the cliched ‘love marriage’, one has it placed at the beginning and the other somewhere in the middle.

Both are equally tough, equally challenging, equally failure prone, and equally enjoyable.

As of now, I guess I will stick to my belief “they are enjoyable 🙂 “.

What say guys??

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Pictures unseen

With wings of plastic,
attached to his arms,
he flew up there,
and took the plunge.

He dropped down slow,
with both eyes closed,
thinking for a second,
what was about to follow.

He had read about it,
and heard about it too,
the greatness of the view,
from high up there,

He had imagined green,
A green tree top,
He had thought blue,
river totally blue.

Anxious he opened his eyes,
Alas!!, shell shocked was he,
brown ground was all left to see,
water all dried up, greens all looted up,

Disappointment on face,
Almost tears down his cheeks,
He closed his eyes again,
dreams much better than scene.

Pictures much better unseen..

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Sweep the floor up there…

Clutter would be the biggest understatement, when it comes to describing how my mind feels right now. The feeling of zombi-ness is engulfing, were nothing seems to fall into place. with too many, ideas with none concrete. My Ipod keeps playing the same song in a loop, and my mind keeps yearning for more of it, no not once, twice, twenty times, yet the same song the same tune, a feeling of being stuck seems to have penetrated my ipod too.

I remember waking up, with absolute blankness, and within a second so many unwanted things tiring my mind, with no time for even my morning prayers. That was supposed to be my alone time, alone time where I have nothing in my head, and I begin a peaceful day, with a small prayer, and proved gate pass to thoughts which I want, I really don’t like the crashing ideas early in the day, no they were not invited.

I really don’t regret thought, even if they crash my peace, but then the though itself also matters right, you cannot fill me in with negation, and things which remotely affect me, and of people whom I should not be caring about, or of people who seem to not care. Making me doubt myself, because they never asked for it, its me who needs to be blamed, for having thoughts for/about things which are better left unthought.

You are making me meet strangers, the word meet needs to be really spoken about here, “meet” who told you I was looking for new people in my life?, don’t I have enough problem with the existing ones?, I am not even sure what we want, how can you make me want something from people, shouldn’t you be making us expectationless?. Are you not supposed to make sure the ground rules are well understood by both sides and agreed upon even before you create slightest of the bond, or was it me bonding when I should have been the carefree casinova which you want people to be.

Coming back to the zombiness, you make me take the step with no idea why took this, and how did I reach here, not a good feeling you know, its more like the my body being a machine with each part having its own intentions, my brain continuing to think something, my body leading itself along the way it prefers. Are you not supposed to coordinate?

I was supposed to be the composed one, the all knowing, the perfect, why did you want me to do right always?, why did you gave me “This” perception of right, nope I don’t want to be right, I don’t want to be this mess, I want to wake up with nothing in my head, I need to get rid of this clutter, I want to sweep the floor up there..

Sweep, yes you heard that right.

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Train, A not so old memory – Heads or Tails #11

This week was a little easier topic over at skittles for Heads or Tails, the prompt was Train, I do have lots of memories about trains, the way we used to travel for 3 days to get to my dad’s place, and the fun I used to have eating almost anything and everything thats sold on the train.
But I thought I will shared one of the more recent memories of mine in a train, I did write about it some time back, I thought I could share it again.


I enter not so busy train, expecting a peaceful journey. Time for a little history, I am with my group of friends, well more like people I have just met, people who wanted to travel. My group gets separated, the tickets are not together so we bunch of three end up separate.

As I was saying, I enter the compartment and find my seat. My seat is on the side row, kind of way I like it, just one more person to deal with. The seat is close to the entrance, the door seem to be struck, not oiled perhaps, very tough to open, people struggling in and out of it. I sit by my own, thinking about the day, what happened all along, what went wrong, what I enjoyed. I see this small girl, well not so small, may be 10 years old. She has a big bag in her hand and is struggling to get it, I stand up and open the door for her. There I see a big smile on her face. I begin to think, how happy kids are always. I don’t see who’s behind the kid. Then I see “You” enter, you with your serious face, you look angry, may be it was the heat, or may be it was the fight you had with your sister. I close the door behind you and get back to my seat. I don’t bother to look at you.

If I haven’t bored you enough you can read the rest of the story .. Missing Connection